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When will Almaty return to its former glory?

  When will Almaty return to its former glory?

Efforts are being done to restore life in Almaty. It was hit by riots and terrorist attacks on January 5. Services in all areas have been revived in the metropolis. We learned about it from the reports of the heads of various structures and departments at the staff meeting chaired by Mayor Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

      An executive committee building - 20 billions tenge

       One of the events that shook the country during the riots was the fire in the city hall. As a result, the building became unusable. Deputy akim Ilyas Userov answered this question. According to him, the damage to the building is 20 billions tenge. This means that such funds will be spent for reconstruction. Mr. Userov made a list of other damaged state facilities in the city and the amount of damage. For example, in addition to the mayor's office, the city prosecutor's office lost 2 billions tenge, the police department and several subordinate departments - 205 millions tenge, several suburban environmental posts - 163 millions tenge and medical facilities - 2 millions tenge.

   The total cost of damage to these facilities is 22.6 billions tenge.

Here is one more fact. According to the latest estimates, Almaty's economy has suffered 112.6 billions tenge. 67 billions of them belong to business entities. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses lost 42 billions tenge, large enterprises - 25 billions tenge.

       Also in financial organizations (bank branches and ATMs) property damage (stolen, damaged) amounted to 701.7 millions tenge.

       The subway started operating

       AlmatyMetro, which has been suspended for public safety since the declaration of the state of emergency, resumed operations on the first day of the week. In addition, 1,600 public transport vehicles serve all 151 routes from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. According to the head of the city mobile department Gani Myrzakhanov, a total of 28 buses were damaged during the riots. Today, 16 of them have been restored, and the remaining 12 vehicles will be ready for service by the end of January. During the riot, public transport was damaged, as well as various fleet facilities. A total of 43 bus pavilions were damaged. 23 of them will be repaired and the rest will be completed by the end of January.

       According to the mayor's office, 121 road signs and 46 traffic lights were damaged in those days, but all of them have been fully restored. Almaty International Airport is also operating normally.

       The stock of medicines is enough for only two months

       It is known that medicines are one of the most important socially important goods for the population after food. According to the staff members who took part in the meeting, 920 out of 975 pharmacies in the city are operating normally. All of them are provided with necessary medicines and medical supplies. According to Erkebulan Orazalin, the head of the city's Department of Entrepreneurship and Investment, pharmaceutical warehouses in Almaty now have a stockpile of medicines worth 15.5 million units for two months.

        37 apartments were damaged, but not repaired yet

        During the riots, 37 apartments in the residential area at the intersection of Nazarbayev and Satpayev streets near the central square of the city were damaged. According to the deputy akim of the city Mukhit Azerbayev, today 37 apartments have been inspected. According to him, specialists are calculating the damage, which will take several days.

        Unfortunately, the repair of apartments will not start even after that. Because the investigation is not over. According to Azerbayev, residents and condominiums have already been informed about this.

        According to the head of the metropolis, these costs will be reimbursed from the local budget.

       Unquestioned questions to Sagintayev

       The meeting of the headquarters was watched by the media only on the monitor. The hopes of a group of journalists to get an answer from the mayor did not come true. A spokesman for the mayor said he would not be leaving and that he had more meetings scheduled.

       In conclusion, the first steps are being taken to return Almaty to its former glory days. The cost is not small. President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev gave 6 months to the Government and the city authorities to restore the metropolis. How well the President's task is carried out depends on the time and the professionalism and qualifications of the officials in charge.


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