Mission and Vision of the portal

Informational-analytic portal "Quality Kazakhstan" (standard.kz)

Portal Mission

Formation of heads and employees of public administration, representatives of business and broad strata of the population of the new concept of quality, related to the topic "Quality of life" in all its multifaceted manifestations. Fulfilling the role of a specialized analytical source of information, as well as an accessible platform for enhancing people's literacy about the quality of goods and services through professional and independent information, obtaining feedback and dialogue. Assistance to all Kazakhstani and foreign interested organizations and professional associations in enhancing the effectiveness of business management, achieving leadership and sustainable development. The portal is intended to provide all-round support to private individuals in their aspirations to improve the quality of their professional activities, as well as to improve the conditions of personal life.

Priority activities of the portal:

- Effectiveness of changes in the attitude of public administration bodies, business representatives and the public to the category of quality as the main integral indicator, which characterizes the complex of factors that create comfortable living conditions;

-motivation of each representative of the society to strive for the achievement of high quality indicators in all spheres of their activity in the course of their active life. So, in the period of childhood and youth to make for himself a normal example of behavior in society and an excellent textbook for the acquisition of knowledge, the inculcation of active civic positions. During the period of labor activity - it is a study of high moral standards, the manifestation of leadership qualities in the workplace, the achievement of professionalism in the work, innovation, responsibility for the results of their work;

- propaganda of the best examples from the experience of economically developed countries of the world in the spheres of public administration, creation of comfortable conditions for the population, opportunities for the disclosure of potential abilities of each member of society;

- Assistance to public administration and business in the implementation of the best world experience in achieving production efficiency, competitiveness of the economy, raising the level of professionalism of specialists.

Portal view

The portal plans to become a leading information-analytical Internet resource in the Republic of Kazakhstan, aimed at effectively addressing the problem of quality in the country on the basis of analysis and informing of interested organizations and individuals involved in the achievement of economic successful life of the population. The portal will be constantly monitoring the effective monitoring of many domestic and foreign information resources, including various means of mass information: social networks of the Internet, television and radio programs, printed publications, analysis and publication of information on the accumulation of information.

The activities of the portal are aimed at raising the awareness of interested government organizations about the measures necessary to increase the efficiency of public administration based on improving legislation and regulatory regulation of industrial production, developing the social sphere in order to constantly improve the level of well-being of the population.

The portal is designed to be a methodological center for the provision of online consultations, services for training and certification of specialists in various areas of management on issues of quality, leadership, competitiveness, etc.