Benchmarking as a Tool to Improve Business Efficiency 2153

Benchmarking is the best experience for effectively managing your organization, increasing competitiveness and product quality!

The Kazakhstan Organization for Quality and Innovation Management (PA "KOKIM") is the only organization in Kazakhstan that has officially become a member of the Global Benchmarking Network.

Benchmark is a method for finding examples and analyzing best practices. Simply put, I am looking all over the world from whom I can borrow something in management or marketing, and I am boldly implementing it here.

Competition - someone won, someone lost. Cooperation - everyone wins!

Edward Deming,

American scientist, management consultant

Benchmarking is indispensable in increasing your competitiveness in the domestic and global markets! It is with the help of this effective method of innovative management that Kazakhstani companies can learn about the best practices and experience of world companies, the true locomotives of the world economy, and implement this experience in their own enterprise.

 Information for managers

Competitions for the title of a leader in the field of quality, held at the national level, are becoming more and more widespread in Kazakhstan. A prerequisite for participation in them, in addition to demonstrating the competitive advantages of their products, is the application of the benchmarking concept.

Benchmarking, QMS, Model of Excellence - the basis of the competitiveness of your organization

All about the values and advantages of benchmarking, as well as about promoting its principles in the world, you can find out here - this is the site of GBN - the Global Benchmarking Network.

Learn from the best! Learn from the professionals! We are waiting for you!

Specialists of PA "KOKIM" will help everyone not only to get acquainted with the experience and best practices of successful organizations in any country of the world, but also to implement them with maximum efficiency in their own enterprise. Our employees will help identify problems in the organization and suggest ways to eliminate them for further successful development.

No organization today can survive without paying serious attention to learning the strengths of its competitors and learning from the best in its field. Any organization can learn a lot from other organizations through benchmarking.

In addition to training in benchmarking, we provide highly professional services for the training (retraining) of personnel in a wide range of profiles for corporate management systems in accordance with training programs harmonized with the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) personnel certification schemes. Solving the issues of staffing corporate management systems, we help organizations of all fields of activity, from small firms to government agencies, to overcome the management deficit that hinders the life and development of Kazakhstani enterprises.

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