News archive 2022 year

Date Заголовок Section
18.04.2022 18:00 Retirees in Kazakhstan spend almost half of their pensions on food. Government
18.04.2022 17:55 Specialists in Kazakhstan will be trained at the request of enterprises Education
18.04.2022 17:51 Ministry of Agriculture: prices for social bread will not rise Infrastructure and life
17.04.2022 21:46 Changes facing aging countries Government
17.04.2022 21:37 Why didn't the United States go to the metric system? Government
13.04.2022 18:37 The study of the Kazakh alphabet on the basis of Latin graphics continues Education
13.04.2022 18:32 The concessional car loan program was approved Infrastructure and life
13.04.2022 18:22 The Kasteev Museum opens the exhibition "Rainbow", dedicated to the Year of Children in Kazakhstan Leisure
12.04.2022 18:04 Insomnia is a syndrome, not a disease. What are the consequences? Health
12.04.2022 17:50 The heat is coming: the air temperature in the south of Kazakhstan will rise to 32 degrees Food
12.04.2022 17:36 More than a million Kazakhstanis will have a salary increase Government
11.04.2022 10:42 The smartphones which emit the most radiation Digital technology
11.04.2022 10:32 A free service for transferring YouTube channels to the VKontakte social network has been created Infrastructure and life
08.04.2022 12:10 In Kazakhstan, the requirements for the state language on the labels of imported goods have been removed Infrastructure and life
08.04.2022 10:10 Nur-Sultan resident has two wolves Food
07.04.2022 20:24 The fifth half marathon will be held in Almaty on April 17 Sport
07.04.2022 20:10 What is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? Digital technology
07.04.2022 20:01 WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram can be limited to Kazakhstan Digital technology
06.04.2022 13:44 Twitter will soon allow users to edit posts Digital technology
06.04.2022 13:34 20th Anniversary of the "Asian Network for Quality" (ANQ) International practice
06.04.2022 11:58 Salary offers in IT grew by 17% over the year, and the number of vacancies - by 52% Digital technology
05.04.2022 21:07 The nights which your sleeps were divided into four. International practice
05.04.2022 20:01 The government does not reimburse uninsured livestock Government
04.04.2022 19:30 Air quality is deteriorating in 7 cities Government
04.04.2022 19:24 A bicycle road that has been out of order for 5 months Infrastructure and life
04.04.2022 12:49 How can bloggers help Kazakhstan's business to promote the brand? Infrastructure and life
04.04.2022 12:27 Kazakhstan Cycling Championship was held in Aktau for the first time Leisure
01.04.2022 20:49 Kazakhstan hardware stores suspected of price collusion Infrastructure and life
01.04.2022 20:35 WhatsApp has launched new convenient features for lovers of voice messages Infrastructure and life
01.04.2022 20:15 Which professions will disappear in Kazakhstan, and which ones will appear Infrastructure and life
29.03.2022 11:37 Microsoft disconnected mail from its servers Digital technology
29.03.2022 10:30 What do Kazakhstanis save on today - expert opinion? Infrastructure and life
29.03.2022 10:23 Which of Kazakhstanis will have a small pension in the future? Government
29.03.2022 10:13 WhatsApp will allow you to transfer large files Infrastructure and life
24.03.2022 16:37 From March 30, Russia opens land borders with Kazakhstan Government
24.03.2022 16:37 From March 30, Russia opens land borders with Kazakhstan Government
24.03.2022 16:27 Kazakhstan plans to introduce a ban on the export of medicines Government
18.03.2022 20:55 Analysts told which countries have the cheapest and most expensive gasoline Government
17.03.2022 12:00 What is NFT? Simple explanation Government
17.03.2022 11:54 In Kazakhstan, the functions of Visa and Mastercard Sberbank cards are limited Government
17.03.2022 11:49 What problems can "tell" your skin Government
17.03.2022 11:42 You can receive a loan of up to 10 millions tenge for the car under the preferential program Government
16.03.2022 20:02 Export of cash and gold in excess of 10 thousand dollars is prohibited - Decree Government
16.03.2022 19:56 The issue of renting Hollywood movies is being discussed in Kazakhstan Leisure
16.03.2022 19:52 Will there be a shortage of medicines in Kazakhstan? Health
16.03.2022 19:47 The NOCEBO Phenomenon: How Thoughts Create Illness Health
16.03.2022 19:38 Three more regions will appear in Kazakhstan, and Kapshagay may be renamed Government
16.03.2022 19:32 Tokayev outlined the concept of New Kazakhstan: "Different views, but a single nation." Government
16.03.2022 19:28 Parasites and man: how not to let yourself be destroyed Health
16.03.2022 19:22 K.K.Tokayev: "Kazakhstan has all the necessary reserves to overcome the crisis" Government
12.03.2022 18:59 The people of the East live long Health
12.03.2022 18:54 Two women were bitten by a fox in the capital Infrastructure and life
12.03.2022 18:50 How to make a foam plastic for warm houses? Infrastructure and life
11.03.2022 22:30 The exhibition "Art is filled with life" opens in the Museum named after A.Kasteev Government
11.03.2022 22:18 Bureau of National Statistics: demand for apartments in Kazakhstan increased by 40% Infrastructure and life
10.03.2022 20:33 Poland wants to make a gift to the United States Government
09.03.2022 20:25 What payments will be made to Kazakhstanis in difficult situations? Government
09.03.2022 20:17 The tenge has fallen Infrastructure and life
09.03.2022 19:49 Kazakhstan will abandon the basic pension Government
09.03.2022 19:43 Kazhydromet named the most polluted areas of the cities of Kazakhstan Ecology
09.03.2022 19:33 Airline prices in Kazakhstan increased by 17.7% over the year Infrastructure and life
05.03.2022 22:18 Akhmet Akhat's exhibition “Beyond Known. The unknown about the known Culture in our life
05.03.2022 16:37 TURKESTAN: Private schools and dormitories will receive grants Education
05.03.2022 16:26 New technologies capable of destroying humanity. Scientists answer Infrastructure and life
05.03.2022 15:54 A contact center will operate for users of toll roads Infrastructure and life
02.03.2022 17:25 "If the ruble depreciates, why does the tenge fluctuate?" The economist cited three reasons Government
02.03.2022 17:16 The President's residence in Almaty will be demolished Infrastructure and life
02.03.2022 17:11 Doctors of Kazakhstan: quality medicine should be available to everyone Health
02.03.2022 17:02 China published 10 of its most important scientific achievements in 2021 International practice
01.03.2022 15:29 Who are infogypsies and how not to fall for their bait? Food
01.03.2022 14:37 Hypodynamia in preschool children can lead to serious diseases Health
01.03.2022 13:56 Kazakhstanis celebrate Thanksgiving Day today Leisure
28.02.2022 22:18 For what reasons can Kazakh citizens be denied a mortgage? Food
25.02.2022 13:09 The Sanitary Service monitors the safety of socially significant products in Almaty Health
23.02.2022 22:05 Kukushkin advanced to the second round of the tournament in France Leisure
23.02.2022 21:40 Why did Kazakhstan miss the Olympics in Beijing? Government
23.02.2022 21:20 The time zone may change in our country International practice
21.02.2022 18:43 "Transfer money to Kaspi": what operations are suspicious of the tax Food
21.02.2022 18:36 Three Kazakh universities closed due to poor quality education Education
21.02.2022 18:24 In March, Kazakhstanis will rest for almost two weeks Leisure
21.02.2022 18:18 What "harmless" drugs cause addiction... Health
20.02.2022 22:35 How do you know if your phone is being tapped? Digital technology
17.02.2022 20:32 An electronic card for registering the movement of children will appear in Kazakhstan Government
17.02.2022 20:26 Several European countries lifted coronavirus restrictions Health
17.02.2022 13:32 7 rules of cleanliness Health
17.02.2022 13:25 Farhat Sharipov's film won the grand prize at the Berlin Film Festival Infrastructure and life
17.02.2022 13:20 Digital literacy is a modern requirement Digital technology
16.02.2022 15:37 Hungarian Quality Development Strategies in Connection with the New EU Common Agricultural Policy and the Covid-19 Pandemic International experience
15.02.2022 12:42 It is necessary to stabilize the cost of sunflower oil Infrastructure and life
15.02.2022 12:19 The most common types of frauds mentioned in Kazakhstan Infrastructure and life
14.02.2022 18:11 In Kazakhstan, the rules for conducting the UNT have changed Education
13.02.2022 00:36 Nutritionists have named five drinks that help to remove extra pounds Health
13.02.2022 00:27 Education system will change in Kazakhstan's colleges Education
10.02.2022 23:58 Kazakhstanis will be able to save their utility costs Food
10.02.2022 23:55 Technology trends that will change business in 2022 Digital technology
10.02.2022 23:51 Council of Domestic Entrepreneurs established in Kazakhstan Infrastructure and life
09.02.2022 13:14 Farmers inform why meat prices are rising in Kazakhstan Food
09.02.2022 13:00 $753 billions for digital advertising Government
09.02.2022 12:46 Kazakhstan will allocate T100 billion for preferential car loan program Infrastructure and life
09.02.2022 12:33 Why do you need to pick up checks at the checkout and at ATMs? Digital technology
07.02.2022 23:22 Kazakhstani students made biofuel from used vegetable oil Education
07.02.2022 23:11 Anti-rating: Kazakhstan took one of the last places in terms of the quality of education Education
07.02.2022 23:01 Kazakhstan entered the list of the worst countries in terms of urban pollution Ecology
07.02.2022 22:47 The digital revolution is changing business: how new technologies will affect the future of finance Digital technology
04.02.2022 12:07 Twitter is testing articles feature Digital technology
04.02.2022 12:02 Placement in the queue for housing will be made only through the portal Government
04.02.2022 11:56 Who will pay the luxury tax in Kazakhstan? Government
04.02.2022 11:51 Ecologists are alarmed: fecal waters flow into Lake Balkhash Ecology
04.02.2022 11:44 From January 1, the OSMS fee has increased Health
04.02.2022 11:31 A workshop for processing camel milk will be opened Infrastructure and life
04.02.2022 10:42 10 signs of heart disease Health
04.02.2022 10:22 A new method of livestock breeding will be used Infrastructure and life
02.02.2022 13:06 TikTok is testing paid subscriptions Digital technology
02.02.2022 12:48 Kazakh teachers complain about extortion in schools and kindergartens Education
02.02.2022 12:42 A new model of preschool education and training will be introduced in Kazakhstan Education
31.01.2022 11:36 Water potential in our country depends on neighboring countries Government
31.01.2022 11:29 Free sections for children: funding will continue in 2022 Health
31.01.2022 11:19 There is a great demand for a camel's saddle from abroad Infrastructure and life
28.01.2022 17:34 Kazakhstanis are paid up to KZT2 mln when handing over old agricultural machinery - Brekeshev Infrastructure and life
28.01.2022 17:23 The most in-demand profession of 2020 Reality
28.01.2022 11:26 Real estate can be registered within two hours Infrastructure and life
27.01.2022 21:44 How long does it take to replace a SIM card? Digital technology
27.01.2022 21:29 In China, Olympic guests will be served by robots Leisure
27.01.2022 21:22 How Kazakhstani teachers will be attracted to the region Government
26.01.2022 19:39 EEC employees will be held liable for disclosure of confidential information Government
26.01.2022 19:36 What types of medical services can be spent on pension savings in Kazakhstan? Infrastructure and life
26.01.2022 19:29 The number of social butcher shops will increase in Almaty Food
25.01.2022 18:13 What are the benefits of hot and cold showers? Health
25.01.2022 18:06 Kazakhstan plans to unite electricity markets with EAEU countries Government
25.01.2022 17:59 Block posts at entrances to Almaty will continue to work Government
25.01.2022 17:47 KEGOC explained the reasons for the power outages in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan Infrastructure and life
24.01.2022 15:29 The number of children with autism is growing in Kazakhstan - Ministry of Health Health
24.01.2022 15:17 A method of sleeping in two minutes has been identified Health
24.01.2022 15:07 Experts have made a forecast for housing prices Infrastructure and life
21.01.2022 20:17 The law on the first president will be amended Government
21.01.2022 19:50 Young Kazakhs should be techies - Tokayev Government
21.01.2022 19:17 Why does a modern company need a quality manager? International practice
20.01.2022 19:49 Can police check the phone during an emergency? Government
20.01.2022 19:40 Do we know the marketplace? Infrastructure and life
20.01.2022 19:25 In Kazakhstan, from January 24, schools will again switch to offline format Education
20.01.2022 19:16 Signs of the imminent "death" of the smartphone Digital technology
19.01.2022 14:48 When will Almaty return to its former glory? Infrastructure and life
19.01.2022 14:32 Fifteen years later, something unexpected happened on the Greek islands Ecology
19.01.2022 14:15 Kazakhstan monitors prices for food products: where to call if prices are too high? Government
19.01.2022 14:09 How is it planned to increase the income of the population in Kazakhstan? Government
17.01.2022 13:22 Public transport's time in Almaty has been extended Infrastructure and life
17.01.2022 13:16 Timur Kulibayev resigned as head of NCE Atameken Government
17.01.2022 13:11 Osteochondrosis as an office disease of the XXI century: who is to blame and what to do? Health
17.01.2022 12:59 Special PSCs opened in Almaty region Government
17.01.2022 12:49 Tokayev: We need to give priority to technical professions Government
13.01.2022 17:23 What is the attraction of European Model of Excellence for Business Leaders? International practice
13.01.2022 16:43 50th anniversary of the Singapore Institute of Quality International practice
13.01.2022 09:10 Ministry of Ecology: Kazakhstan will have a single operator for work on waste collection Government
13.01.2022 08:33 Kazakhstan introduced a ban on fines and penalties on loans during an emergency Government
13.01.2022 08:24 Almaty Airport will start working from January 13 Infrastructure and life
11.01.2022 12:13 Railway station opened again in Nur-Sultan Government
11.01.2022 12:11 How public transport will work in Almaty from January 11? Government
11.01.2022 11:35 PSCs started working in Almaty Government