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What do Kazakhstanis save on today - expert opinion?

What do Kazakhstanis save on today - expert opinion?

Within the framework of the 29th International Fashion Exhibition Central Asia Fashion held in Almaty, experts shared their views on the state of the world and Kazakhstani retail. Experts discussed the reality, problems and prospects of market development at panel discussions and analytical sessions, reports with reference to the CAF press service of the business conference of the international fashion exhibition Central Asia Fashion.

Sergey Bulanov, NielsenIQ Kazakhstan Retail Network Specialist, spoke about the new transformations in the demand of Kazakhstani customers, how they would feel now, for what they would spend money on and whether “covid” shopping habits have remained in the past.

The pandemic is not over yet
Consumers are eager to return to normal pre-Covid life, according to NielsenIQ's global research, but the impact of the pandemic is still there. In particular, the group of non-vaccinated consumers and consumers who have received a booster (third vaccination) feel the most confident and strive to live without fear of Covid-2019.

“If we talk about Kazakhstan, then almost 50.2% of the population are vaccinated, and those who opted for booster vaccination are 13.4%,” Sergey Bulanov shares the data.

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