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The tenge has fallen

  The tenge has fallen

Gold bars and investment coins are an attractive tool

       As a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the geopolitical situation in the world has worsened and the ruble has depreciated sharply. Kazakhstan's tenge, which accounts for about half of its foreign trade with Russia, has fallen in line with the ruble. Currently, the exchange rate of the tenge against the US dollar is under great pressure due to geopolitical threats. People hurried to buy dollars in banks and exchange offices. The USD / KZT exchange rate on the KASE exchange exceeded 500. In such a volatile period, you should pay attention to alternative and attractive options for saving your money. It is about the purchase of gold bars and investment coins of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

       The official website of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan publishes information on how many gold bars are sold to the population every month. Gold is traditionally a fixed asset and is sometimes used as a hedge against rising inflation and weakening exchange rates, and is a key financial instrument in times of geopolitical unrest. This means that by investing in gold, you not only keep your money in a "hard currency", but also benefit from an increase in its value.

       For example, in 2021, the population bought 1.1 tons of gold bars from second-tier banks and non-bank exchange offices (about $ 70 million or 30 billion tenge, which is 24% more than in 2020. The dollar value of gold since the beginning of the year has increased by 7.38% since.

       In 2017, the National Bank launched a program for the sale and purchase of refined gold bars. Since the beginning of the program, the population has purchased 2.78 tons of gold bullion. You can buy gold in any bank, as well as in private exchange offices.

       Another option to save your savings is to buy investment coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Investment coins are made of high-grade precious metals (gold and silver) and are designed to save and increase funds. Their yield depends on the value and weight of the metal from which the coin is made.

       Thus, there are alternatives to protect the savings, not only to save money in foreign currency, but also to increase interest rates in case of debt.

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