How can bloggers help Kazakhstan's business to promote the brand?

How  can bloggers help Kazakhstan's business to promote the brand?

One of the brightest and informal topics at the international business exhibition exhibition CAF in Almaty, CAF became a dialogue with bloggers and retailers, reported with a link to the international fashion exhibition Central Asia Fashion.

About that, as recommended marketing works, whether a business client is chasing after likes and increasing activity, and what to do with fashionable brands, when the situation is out of control, found out at the business conference in the format of panel discussions in the form of panel discussions

“Many brands today are chasing likes and quick fame. The most frequent application of the owner of the SMM-specialist sounds like: "Let's have a party and program for the whole of Kazakhstan!" But as practice shows, hype can easily turn from an uncontrollable and, in one case, to update the work of the marketing and PR department.

Creating provocative content, it is necessary to remember the norms of new ethics in the era of social networks. It is important for retailers to competently set up a communication strategy and choose the right brand ambassadors - now it is one of the most effective tools for promotion, able to increase brand awareness. When we hear from brands that the blogger "did not work", the problem often lies in the wrong choice and irresponsibility of the influencer to the goals and values ​​of the company ", - noted the co-founder and CEO of Retail Aacademy Kachenbaeva.