A bicycle road that has been out of order for 5 months

A bicycle road that has been out of order for 5 months

The new bicycle road in Shymkent, built for 1.5 billion tenge and put into operation in the fall of 2021, is now in disrepair. Many of them collapse, resembling an extreme sports field.

       The length of the bike path, which was put into operation in November, is 2.2 km. In general, 1.6 billion tenge was spent on the project. These funds include four-lane asphalt roads, lights, bicycle lanes and sidewalks. Specialists of the Shymkent mayor's office say that before the road was built, the density of the soil layer was in accordance with the requirements. There were no comments during the reception. However, he acknowledged that the construction of the sewer system overlapped during the construction of the bike path.

       "We were offered a 3-year bail. In case of re-seating, we will restore everything, whether it is asphalt or decorative stones, ”said Nurbol Lesov, the head of the Department of Passenger Transport and Motor Roads of Shymkent.

       The responsible department of the mayor's office said that the construction of the sewerage system, which coincided with the construction of the road, was approved because it could not be delayed. Therefore, it is not the contractor who is to blame for everything, but the continuous rain.


Translated by:Standard.kz