"Transfer money to Kaspi": what operations are suspicious of the tax

"Transfer money to Kaspi": what operations are suspicious of the tax

The State Revenue Committee of Kazakhstan will monitor the activity of transfers of individuals, Standard.kz reports with reference to Online.Zakon.kz.

Kazakhstan has developed a draft criteria by which the Tax Office will determine whether an individual conducts entrepreneurial activities through transfers or not.

Thus, the criterion for classifying transactions carried out on bank accounts of individuals as transactions that have signs of receiving income from entrepreneurial activity, is the receipt by one individual of funds to the current bank account from 100 or more different persons within three consecutive calendar months.

Corresponding amendments were made to the Tax Code. Rules have also been developed for the transfer by banks of information on such operations to the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, banks and organizations within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the request transmit information on transfers of citizens, where there is a suspicion of doing business, to the State Revenue Committee.

Control over transfers of individuals will be introduced in Kazakhstan due to an increase in their number and the unwillingness of individual entrepreneurs to pay taxes on such transfers.

It should be noted that the exchange of data on mobile payments that have signs of entrepreneurial activity is planned only from 2025.