In Kazakhstan, gasoline prices will rise by 25% - expert forecasts

  In Kazakhstan, gasoline prices will rise by 25% - expert forecasts

Experts predict a 25% rise in gasoline prices in Kazakhstan in the near future. Note that since the beginning of 2021, fuel has already increased in price by almost 30%, reports.
Gasoline prices soared up in all regions of the country. If at the beginning of the year a liter of AI-92 in the capital cost 150 tenge, in October - 173-177 tenge, today the capital's drivers have to pay 189 tenge for a liter of the same gasoline. Experts explains the sharp jump in gasoline prices by the fact that Kazakhstani refineries are selling fuel to neighboring countries. So it is more profitable for the factories themselves and the states that buy gasoline from them, but not for the Kazakhs, writes "First Channel" Eurasia ".

It is noted that the price per liter of AI-92 gasoline in Russia is one and a half times higher than in Kazakhstan. Due to the difference in price, a deficit develops. The only way out of the situation in the board of KazMunayGas is to increase the cost. Now Kazakhstan is among the ten countries with the cheapest gasoline, but this cannot continue, experts say.

“Gasoline, oil, like any other commodity, has its own cost price. For more than two years now, oil companies have been selling oil to the domestic market below cost. That is, in our country, let's say, with each devaluation period, the price of gasoline should have increased, but it remained at the same level. If in Russia the price is 280-300 (tenge per liter - editor's note), we should be somewhere 10-15% lower - this is the level that we will have, perhaps, in the coming years ", - explained the expert of the oil and gas industry Olzhas Baidildinov.

With the rise in the cost of gasoline, prices will rise for everything. This is the main problem that worries citizens. But experts assure that the price of gasoline will not have a strong impact on prices.

“For example, we transport tomatoes at 500 tenge, 6-7 tenge in the cost of this tomato is transportation. It's not that big. It's just that we see gasoline prices, like the dollar exchange rate, daily on the steles, and this is such a psychological effect, "added Baydildinov.

Nevertheless, Kazakhstanis note that they have already felt the rise in prices for logistics services and the increase in food prices.

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