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Signs of the imminent "death" of the smartphone

  Signs of the imminent "death" of the smartphone

A smartphone, like any other device, has its own lifespan. Manufacturers of modern phones, as a rule, indicate in the instructions for these devices that their service life is from three to five years. In fact, a smartphone can last longer, but it is usually expected that in a few years it will become obsolete and its battery capacity will decrease. The owner of the gadget can guess the imminent "death" of the device by several signs.

 Clear signs that the phone has not long to live are rapid discharge, sudden shutdown, flickering screen, battery heating and loss of network connection. The evidence that the gadget is already on its last legs and will stop working very soon is a swollen battery.

Under the influence of some factors, smartphones can fail faster than provided in the instructions for their use.

The service life of the phone is reduced due to mechanical damage or exposure to moisture if it is dropped or drowned, for example. In the latter case, even if the phone is working, there is a risk that water has got on the internal contacts and corrosion will soon “finish off” the device.

If the phone is faulty, you need to contact the service center, and not try to figure out the problem yourself.


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