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Salary offers in IT grew by 17% over the year, and the number of vacancies - by 52%

Salary offers in IT grew by 17% over the year, and the number of vacancies - by 52%

The number of vacancies in the region for 2021 increased by 52% compared to 2020. Programming and development (54%), engineering (23%), system administration (20%), webmasters (17%) and web engineering (15%) proved to be the most demanded. This review was prepared by HeadHunter Kazakhstan based on an analysis of employer vacancies and resumes of applicants posted on the website.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, analysts concluded that companies are trying not only to attract new employees, but also to retain existing ones to a greater extent. For them, conditions such as remote work, flexible hours, corporate transport and much more are provided.

Salary offers also increased (+17%) compared to the previous year. On average, as of March 2022, employers are willing to pay 220,000 tenge to IT specialists. Now the highest salaries are received by programmers (from 400 thousand tenge), system administrators (from 500 thousand tenge) and mobile application developers (from 600 thousand tenge).

Salary expectations are growing at a higher rate (+67% compared to the previous year). Such an imbalance is typical for professional areas where there is a high shortage of personnel. Qualified specialists feel they are in demand and set the salary range themselves. In the future, in order to hire the best candidates in the field of IT, employers will need to increase salary limits in their company, according to HeadHunter.


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