Microsoft disconnected mail from its servers

Microsoft disconnected mail from its servers

Russian users of VK services (the former Group) have been complaining for almost a week about failures when viewing files attached to letters in the email client. The problem turned out to be that Microsoft disconnected the Russian mail service from its servers.

This was reported by the Vedomosti publication, citing an employee of the company that took part in the restoration of the service. Complaints began to appear on March 17, and now they can be found on the Answers service, which is part of VK.

A Vedomosti source explained the situation as follows:

This happened after Microsoft disabled mail access to its servers, due to which users were unable to view attachments from letters.

The press service of VK noted that now the company is working on a new solution, "so that users can continue to use the familiar functionality."

In early March, Microsoft announced the suspension of the provision of services and sales of products in Russia.