Education system will change in Kazakhstan's colleges

Education system will change in Kazakhstan's colleges

Now educational institutions can determine the content of educational programs themselves and produce specialists necessary for the market. This was told by the director of the Department of Technical and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education Nasymzhan Ospanova.

Previously, when developing working curricula and programs, colleges were tied to standard plans and could change their content only up to 50%. Now they can independently adapt to new trends and market demands.

"When developing educational programs, colleges will be able to independently choose various teaching technologies, forms, methods of organizing and controlling the educational process. Thus, educational programs will allow young people to receive the necessary qualifications and get a job in a shorter time, and, if necessary, return and receive additional qualifications," Nasymzhan Ospanova said.According to her,such an approach will make it possible to adapt to technological changes in production and the demands of the labor market, and the TVE system will train specialists who will meet the requirements of employers.

In addition, there are changes in the terms of training in TVET organizations. Now they depend on the specific educational program and the required learning outcomes. Whereas timeframes previously averaged two to four years, colleges will now be able to determine their own study time, taking into account the complexity of the profession and the required learning outcomes.

Academic independence will not affect the quality of educational programs, since a single information environment is being formed for this - the Register of Educational Programs, the Ministry of Education assures. Each new program chosen by the college will undergo a two-stage examination: in the Ministry of Education and NCE "Atameken".