Young Kazakhs should be techies - Tokayev

  Young Kazakhs should be techies - Tokayev

Young Kazakhs should be techies, says Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The President of Kazakhstan stated this at a meeting with the business community, reports.

“Investments in production, creation of high-quality jobs, in science and education will definitely pay off, and you should do this. For example, instead of complaining about the lack of qualified personnel, especially in technical specialties,why shouldn't big business take patronage over colleges, enter their boards of trustees, take young people into practice, equip their laboratories and workshops?",Tokaev said.

As the president added, he knew "that individual corporations are working in this direction."

“But this should be put on stream. In general, I want to reformat education in our country. We produce too many lawyers, economists, managers and so on and so forth. We now need to put education on a technical footing. We will reorient the Bolashak program, we will send our young people to study, including in Russia, and perhaps in the first place in Russia, to well-known technical universities.

Recently, I raised the question of opening branches of the world's leading universities specifically for technical specialties. Kazakhs, young Kazakhs, should be techies, this is my deep conviction. The government should work out all these issues in detail,” Tokayev instructed.


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