Timur Kulibayev resigned as head of NCE Atameken

  Timur Kulibayev resigned as head of NCE Atameken

Timur Kulibayev announced that he was leaving the post of head of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. His appeal was published on the organization's website, reports.

In his address, Kulibayev expressed his gratitude to his colleagues for their joint work.

"From today, I have decided to step down as the elected chairman of the presidium of the NCE Atameken," Kulibayev said in a statement released by the national chamber on January 17.

Kulibayev recalled that on January 11, in his speech, the President of Kazakhstan outlined priority areas for Atameken and the business community.

"It is necessary to develop a program to increase the income of the population, implement comprehensive measures to reduce import dependence, increase the effectiveness of state support measures, reduce the state's share in the economy. All these instructions from the state's lava will be in the absolute priority of the NCE," Timur Kulibayev specified.

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