Kazakhstan plans to introduce a ban on the export of medicines

Kazakhstan plans to introduce a ban on the export of medicines

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan has prepared an order providing for a ban on the export of medicines, including pharmaceutical substances, medical devices, as well as materials and components for their production, Standard.kz reports with reference to Zakon.kz.

Introduce for a period of 6 months a ban on the export from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of medicines of any form, including pharmaceutical substances (active pharmaceutical substances), medical devices, including prosthetic and orthopedic products and deaf devices, as well as materials, equipment and components for their production - says in the document.

The exception is:

goods transported by transit shipments that start and end outside the Republic of Kazakhstan;

medical products manufactured according to individual orders of patients exclusively for personal use;

goods sent to provide international humanitarian assistance;

goods imported and purchased for personal use as part of retail sales;

medicines and medical devices received as part of the guaranteed volume of free medical care and compulsory medical insurance;

samples for exhibitions without the right to their further sale;

samples received for research and testing;

radiopharmaceuticals manufactured directly in healthcare organizations at the place of their use;

samples for examination during state registration;

advanced therapy medicines manufactured for individual use using autologous biological materials of the patient or his donor;

medicines intended for the treatment of passengers and crew members of vehicles arriving in the customs territory of the EAEU;

medicines necessary for the treatment of participants in international cultural, sporting events and participants in international expeditions;

medicines and medical devices produced by the commodity producers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, accompanied by a certificate of origin of goods of the form "ST-1", in respect of which a ban has been introduced.

The draft order is posted on the Open NLA website for public discussion until April 6.