The people of the East live long

The people of the East live long

The secret of longevity of the people of the East has been revealed. It is well known that the Japanese live longer. Prosperous oriental beauties say that nutrition has a great effect on beauty and prolongs life.

However, following the Japanese diet, it is unlikely that anyone will achieve the desired results. It is no secret that the diets of people in Japan and China do not contain animal fat. In these countries, people do not eat foods such as milk, meat, butter and cheese, which Europeans love. The main ingredient of Oriental cuisine is fish, most of which is eaten raw. The land of the rising sun uses not only fish but also mollusks. Their diet is also rich in organic iodine, as well as marine minerals. For example, such plants include fungi and algae. Of course, if Europeans switch to this type of food, it will significantly strengthen their health and cleanse their body. However, despite the fact that it has changed the quality of life and improved nutrition, it is difficult for Europeans to get rid of old age.

Its solution lies in the genetic code. People in the East have been following this way of life for thousands of years. That is why they have a certain genetic code.


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