Kazakhstan Book of Records presented in Almaty

Kazakhstan Book of Records presented in Almaty

A new edition of the Kazakhstan information-encyclopedic reference book, which received the loud name "Book of Records", was presented in Almaty. The book is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the independence of the republic and contains the most interesting achievements of our compatriots. Moreover, from different spheres of life, the correspondent of "Khabar 24" reports.

Kazakhstan information and encyclopedic reference book - the abbreviation of this name sounds like KINES. Immediately there is an association with the Guinness Book of Records. Only the achievements here are collected exclusively by our compatriots.

Kuanysh Tazabekov, editor-in-chief of the Kazakhstani Book of Records: - We started publishing our collection since the distant 1999. Since then, we have gone from a small book to a solid encyclopedic reference book. Here in the last, 12th edition, there are 1100 facts, 1374 photo illustrations. The publication was prepared in the unusual conditions of a pandemic, when all forms of communication were hampered. But thanks to like-minded people, friends, readers and thanks to the modern possibilities of transferring information, we were able to update by one third compared to the previous edition. As the author of the collection noted, today about 50 countries of the world have national books of records. The Kazakh one differs in that it does not contain extensive biographical data. Only pioneering deeds and record achievements are registered here. The facts are given succinctly - in two or three sentences. Moreover, completely from different spheres of life, which gives the publication a historical and collection charm. For example, the achievements of the veteran of Kazakhstani art photography Valery Korenchuk and Almat Dzhumanov stand nearby. The first became the owner of the platinum status of the International Federation of Photographic Art. The second one carried a carload of coal weighing one hundred tons. Most of the achievements are associated with extreme sports.

Alexander Danchev, record holder for extreme workout: "This is not quite a standard direction. But it is quite interesting."

Extreme towing, extreme hanging on your teeth, picking up something with your teeth. It is very interesting. But this must be very carefully approached so as not to injure yourself.

The authors of the publication note that their work is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan. And, perhaps, the achievements described in the book will inspire compatriots to creative work. And this ultimately ennobles Kazakhstani society.

Authors: Grigory Bedenko, Arshin Kemelzhan, Serzhan Zhumabaev

Source: https://24.kz/ru/news/social/item/516104-kazakhstanskuyu-knigu-rekordov-prezentovali-v-almaty