Hypodynamia in preschool children can lead to serious diseases

Hypodynamia in preschool children can lead to serious diseases

Currently, many children spend most of their time sitting behind the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones, which negatively affects their health. Tatyana Anatolyevna Akhanina, the chief specialist of the Department of Social Security of the USEC of the Medeu district, told the Standard.kz portal about how to protect your kids from hypodynamia.

Currently, the problem of the state of health and physical development of preschool children is of particular relevance. Health is a basic value and a prerequisite for the full physical, mental and social development of a child.

One of the many factors affecting the health and performance of a growing organism is physical activity. Motor activity is a natural need for movement, the satisfaction of which is the most important condition for the comprehensive development and upbringing of the child.

Lack of physical activity adversely affects the health of children.

There is a restructuring of the functional structures of the body, the vital capacity of the lungs decreases, body weight increases, acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections double, and a sedentary lifestyle is formed.

What to do and how to be?
An important role is played by outdoor games and physical exercises during a walk. A walk is one of the most important regime moments during which children can fully realize their motor needs. During the walk, health problems are solved, motor skills are improved, motor activity is increased.

Motor skills acquired in joint physical activity, children consolidate in independent motor activity. Independent activity is an important source of activity and self-development of the child.

Its duration depends on the individual manifestations of children in motor activity. Studying independently, the child focuses on actions leading to the achievement of the goal that captivates him. The stimulus for independent motor activity of children of all ages is, first of all, the presence in the group or on the site of various toys, small and large physical education aids.