7 rules of cleanliness

7 rules of cleanliness

Only a true mind can fight false desires, only a true heart can fight the poison of hatred. From time immemorial, darkness has spread in an empty space, but it can give way to purity, a pure soul. You try to be clean too ...

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       7 rules of cleanliness in Eastern peoples:

1. "Hand cleanliness" means not taking too much. It also takes into account the allocation of a significant portion of income to those in need.

2. "Cleanliness of the ears" means not to listen to the words of fearful, angry, superstitious people, to stay away from those who love empty words and gossip.

3. "Cleanliness of the eyes" - instructs to protect your eyes from revenge, anger, jealousy, passion.

4. "Oral cleanliness" means the prohibition of excessive words and insults.

5. "Cleanliness of body and clothes" is the duty of every person to keep his body and clothes clean at all times.

6. "Purity of thought" - cleansing from the main negative thoughts and negative intentions, avoiding self-pity.

7. "Purity of soul and heart" is the ability to keep your inner feelings clean. Love, be loved, but don't ask for anything in return. Isn't love itself happiness?

Translated by:Standard.kz