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Azat Abdrakhmanov - President of Kazakhstan Organization for Quality and Innovation Management, Ph.D, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Quality (USA), asessor, validator and licensed the European Foundation for Quality Management Trainer (EFQM, Belgium), Lead Auditor for quality systems, environmental management, Occupational Safety and Health, energy management (AFNOR, France) and the Republic of Kazakhstan, Expert Premïï the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa".

born 12 April 1949 in Almaty region in the family of an employee.

After graduating from medical school in Almaty 1973 he entered graduate school at the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute. FROM 1976 by 1979 he worked as a lecturer and deputy dean of the Almaty Medical Institute. AT 1977 he successfully defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences on a specialty "Cytology and Embryology". FROM 1979 by 1980 years he was deputy chief of management of educational institutions and the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR staff. FROM 1980 by 1993 years - Head of the Laboratory of Biophysics, Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. AT 1991 in Leningrad he defended his doctoral thesis on "Radio".

FROM 1993 by 1997 - head of the Main Administration of Quality Supervision, Standardization and Certification of the Ministry of Health of RK, member of the board of the Ministry of Health. Abdrakhmanov AA. He is the founder of the Kazakh national system of standardization and certification of medicines, medical equipment and medical products. He founded the National Scientific and Practical Center of standardization and certification of medicines and medical equipment "Medstandart", which led to 1994 year on 1997 year. At present, the Center operates as a "National Center for Expertise of medicines," the Ministry of Health. As head of Main Department of the Ministry of Health of RK on control of drugs, he performed the role of chief developer of the Law "On Medicines" (1995 city).

Abdrakhmanov AA. for the first time in independent Kazakhstan began to spend a lot of work in the field of consulting services for development and implementation of quality management systems (ISO 9001), ecological (ISO 14001), Industrial safety and health (OHSAS 18001) , Energy (ISO 50001). FROM 1997 by 2005 years - the general director of consulting company "Kazakh-Russian joint venture" Intercertifika CentrAsia ", at the same time he served as a consultant large Kazakhstan companies to develop and implement integrated management systems. Subsequently, said the company was converted into LLP "Consulting Intercert CentrAsia (www.intercert-consulting.com ). With his active participation and under the methodological guidance of hundreds of Kazakhstani companies have successfully implemented integrated management systems

C 2005 year - currently he is the president of Open Company "Certification Center« InterCert » (www.intercert.kz ), at the same time acting as a lead auditor Authority management systems by AFNOR Certification (France).

Abdrakhmanov AA. at 2002 he founded the International Association of Quality Managers and Auditors (Assessor), which was converted into 2009 year in Kazakhstan organization of quality and innovation management (Kokimi, www.standard.kz; www.quality-managers.org ). The main objectives of the Association were also there: study of international best practices in the implementation and improvement of management systems. To this end, beginning with 2002 , he organized more 50 International scientific-practical conference, Forum in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation with an invitation to the world-renowned scholars and experts in the field of quality management. During this period, as speakers at these events were attended by more than 50 professionals of international level, authors of best-selling books in the field of quality management. Among them Noriaki Kano, Yoshinori Yisuki, (Japan), Gregory Watson (USA), Janak Mehta (India) etc.

Abdrakhmanov AA is actively promoting international experience with a view to its implementation in Kazakhstan. C this end, he was the initiator and organizer of the trips of Kazakhstani business leaders to study the experience of the best companies of the developed countries of the world. FROM 2006 year on 2011 It was attended by more than traveling 300 representatives of the top management of the oil and gas industry, energy, Transport and Communications, banking, education and health in Kazakhstan. The objects were to visit the company "Toyota", “Nissan”, “Panasonic”, “Toshiba”(Japan), University "Kempyen», "Gas de France" (France), University Clinic "Getafe" (Spain), Shanghai Oil Refinery (China), Science and Technology Park (Hong Kong), Technopark, Medical center and oil company "Petronas" (Malaysia), gas supplying company and industrial park (Singapore) etc.

He also became the first Kazakhstan Assessor (expert) European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Led them to the association adequately represents our country in the European Organization for Quality (Belgium). C 2009 , he was a member of the Board of the Asian Organization for Quality (Singapore), in September 2016 of the year, Recognizing his contribution to the development of management, he was elected President of the Asian Organization of quality for the period 2016- 2018 years (Asia Network for Quality).

A. Abdrakhmanov, an active participant in many international congresses and conferences, on which speaker in English. He is author of more than 100 scientific articles on modern enterprise management problems, including innovation management techniques, business excellence, benchmarking and self-assessment of performance of staff in public administration organizations, business and social sector to achieve leadership. They worked out practical recommendations on the application of innovation to improve competitiveness and to improve the long-term strategy for sustainable development of enterprises.

Among these successful organizations in the country, IMS implemented include the following: National Bank of Kazakhstan, Astana akimat, «KazTransGas Region», International airport "Astana", National Scientific Medical Center, Medunyversytetы g. Astana and r. Families, as well as many others.

He is the founder of Automatic Identification products in Kazakhstan, which uses IT- Technology for management of goods, Transport and Logistics.

Azat Abdrakhmanov is the chief editor of the international newspaper "World quality", published with 2002 , and is the only one in the entire post-Soviet space, successfully promoting international experience and achievements of Kazakhstan organizations in the implementation of international standards, modern management systems.

His great diligence, leadership and perseverance in reaching the intended target, organizational skills, professionalism and creativity have earned well-deserved authority and respect not only in Kazakhstan, but also at the international level.

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