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As is well known, Any one of the most important indicators of the state is to create the legal infrastructure. Each of the maturity of the country's public administration system will be the same assumptions on the fact that the rule of law in the country. Let the hotel to the ordinary citizen of the country or abroad, If you feel if his constitutional rights no suqpaytının, if his rights have been violated in the case of, You can believe that a reliable protection of the law of the State. Among the citizens and visitors feel safe in their countries – Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Japan, etc.. b. There are countries.

unfortunately, Every time we have some of the local law enforcement in the 90s in the organs of the same problems that reflected the legacy of can see. Critical article Kegen district of Almaty region That is a story about police officers. Their work is not only the publication of our people who, as well as the general public caused a number of legal questions.

We would remind you that the value of the case….

a successful entrepreneur, a great scientist, not only in our country, at the same time A. honorary citizen of the widely popular abroad, Almaty Kegen decided to create a modern cattle-breeding complex in the area of ​​the region. its For the implementation of the plans he had experience in the field of animal husbandry M. Igembaeva invited to work.

However, Soon entrepreneur evidence of his questionable actions on the part of the employee was. some horses, cows, disease slaves “die”, but others “Copper has been feeding wolves”. Depending on the animal owner in this situation trying to get evidence of the loss of their animals shepherds. But if it can be no. He Igembaeva dead or wolves “Ate” the body of animals (skins, bones, earrings) demanded to.

given Not a lot of losses, Shepherd has demanded the entrepreneur for his labor. Two Shepherd aggressive actions during the opposition parties, at the same time 22 horse disappeared. He entrepreneur how animals thanx could find itself in a few days.

In such an event again repeated. A businessman. agreement decided to come, however Igembayev a new favorable conditions for entrepreneurs signed. The businessman had refused to comply with them, Igembaeva and expressed great evil threatened to show.

Consequently Kanat Nurkanat initially M. Igembaeva interest to justify, A. victim of the victims could not even take into account all the facts. entrepreneur A. Igembaeva considered nemquraylıqpen statement questioning.

Kegen district police investigator of the police department of Almaty region The head of the wing Nurkanat and its direct opposite Aybek Jaqıpjan, that is, their doubtful “investigation” the applicant is a slander on the results of the veil turned out to be, and the same man is suspected of theft and violence “honest and innocent” More people are released ... material. link can be found at http://standard.kz/blog/2019/02/12 (“World quality” No. 1 newspaper (167), 2019 is. January)

Then, after the event was held the following.

A businessman. Kegen district police department, police Lieutenant Colonel E. Urkimbaeva into its application, this event a clear answer had tried to. He said entrepreneurs should immediately appeal to the "emotional". So when the owner of the applicant Kazakhstani police at the mouth of the policeman on the debt of honor and high principles hear, Lieutenant Colonel identify all the details of the application, to the end of a fair trial promised.

E. Urkumbaev a strong code of honor of the applicant, career fair tell that, never said the service did take a bribe was. Kegen registered cases of police corruption, to yourself entrusted loyal service, one of the cabins with the root of corruption Like as part swear an oath that in drinking water. Kegen police Employees may be illegal actions by objective professional Regional Department of Internal Affairs to investigate specific security threats and theft the fact that the criminal case was declared pass.

However, the entrepreneur A.. The joy was short-lived. Because only Urkumbaev “played in the movie” or in other words, “When a bad game wanted to play a beautiful role”. Remember that, “a prisoner of the Caucasus” in the film, the prosecutor on the fact of violation of the law Saaxov “angry”, and tried to arrange a bride theft? It is the same picture…. Urkumbaev and it did not attempt any investigation of an incident that took place quzırındağılar.

How was? Urkumbaev and it is not spontaneous quzırındağılar, ie theft Do not open cases on effective? They protect the citizens of potential infringers Why did not want to use preventive measures to? Anyway, E. Urkimbaeva position can be described as a simple example of cynicism.

certainly, Many such actions by police officers editorial office provoked questions. Editorial police of Almaty region, in accordance with the Law on Mass Media Head of the Department of Police Major General M. F. Wants to respond Ürimxanovtan came. Businessman Kegen district police before their professional low levels think that it will have to answer for. However, More has to be delicious no. The regional police authority simple slider indifferent received a letter from.

In a letter to the prosecutor's office in Almaty region, Senior Advisor to the Attorney General of Justice AS. Jılkıbaevqa and Raiymbek area, Advisor to the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutor Chingiz. Police Kwtelovke mentioned in the notification of the occurrence of violations of the law by.

Responses were received soon – district attorney's office, Advisor to the Ministry of Justice. Contact us Qurmanäliulı, carefully the facts to the police check the, has decided to inform the applicant about the results.

Acting regional prosecutor R.. Arów as well as, police staff to check all the facts in the article (the victim the presence of) and a newspaper reported that it is obliged to respond in writing.

Everything seems good, According to the prosecutor's office to monitor the situation it seemed.

 Almaty regional police department Deputy Head B. Tenezbaevtıñ following recent letter to the editor These facts reported by the pre-trial investigation work carried out. This belongs to the sphere of civil legal relations (ie police no krïmïrnaldı at the scene did not see), on the termination of criminal case the decision taken. And Kegen to the district court, and then write a statement to the victim how to express discontent.

In this regard, many questions arise: Kazakhs themselves in terms of their identity and the protection of private property How feel confident; legal mechanisms for the protection of our compatriots What; the state of compliance with the law in the activities of law enforcement agencies What is the control of the authorities; laws and professional police officers As far as responsibility for violation of duties ?

Since the declaration of independence of our country, First President of Kazakhstan stated his thesis on the establishment of the rule of law came. This carefully the role of the police pending Kazakhstani citizens' appeals and to take immediate action for each violation of the law to increase provides for. unfortunately, The last time police officers in the media legislation published more violations.

Reaffirming this fact you, police Details about the specific violations by employees of materials declare.

Kegen district police “Whom” It is defended?” this is “world Quality” January newspaper in (№1, 167) Each room is still in our country fabwlası published an article about the different forms of violations of the law.

unfortunately, we have some of the local law enforcement agencies from time to time in the 90s boom can see that reflected in the legacy. Critical article about Kegen district of Almaty region police officers were reported. Their work is not only the publication of our people who, as well as the general public has a number of legal questions.

As you know, one of the most important indicators of any state is to create the legal infrastructure. known, that the maturity of the governance system of each country can be judged on the facts of the rule of law. The average citizen of the country or a foreign visitor feels safe, if he is sure, that his constitutional rights no one encroaches, but, if their rights are violated, it will be under the protection of the law. examples of countries, where citizens and visitors feel safe- this Singapore, OAE, Japan, etc..

In this regard, these, you can ask many questions: how confident feel Kazakhstan in terms of protection of their identity and personal property; what mechanisms for the legal protection of our compatriots; what is control by the government agencies for legality in law bodies; what the police officers responsible for the violation of the laws and professional duties?

In our the country since the beginning of independence, the first President of Kazakhstan declared thesis on the construction of the rule of law. This involves enhancing the role of the Kazakh Police careful consideration of citizens' appeals and immediate measures for each case of violations of legislation. Unfortunately, lately the media published a lot of violations of workers legislation the police.

AT confirmation of this are publishing material on the specific facts of offenses by police officers.

"Who "Patronizes" district police Kegen?» Was the headline in the January room (№1, 167) the newspaper "World of Quality" published an article, a plot It would have been commonplace in the 90-ies of the last century, when the country, as in all the former Soviet Union has flourished banditry in its various manifestations. it and racketeering, and raider attacks, and the fusion of law enforcement organized crime and many other negative.

Unfortunately, from time to time we learn, Some local law enforcement agencies to successfully continue the tradition of their predecessors from the 90s. In a critical article we talked about the police department employees Kegen district of Almaty region, whose activity has caused a number of legitimate questions, not only in humans, addressed in our publication, but also to the general public.

Recall crux of the matter.

A respected man, successful entrepreneur, great scholar, It is widely known not only in our country,, but and beyond, I decided to create a modern cattle-breeding complex in Kegen district of Almaty region. he invited to implement their plans the work of a Igembaeva M., who had experience in the field of animal husbandry.

but, soon entrepreneur witnessed questionable actions on the part of its employees. some horses, cow, foals became supposedly "die" from disease, while others were "devouring wolves". Owner cattle tried to get in the unfortunate disappearance of their shepherd evidence animals, but not a bit of it. no evidence of, including corpses, (skins, bones) allegedly fallen and / or "eaten" by wolves animals, or even ear tags it by Igembaeva never received.

Then picked up a livestock pest impudence to demand compensation for their alleged work on animal care employer, and obtaining a logical failure has passed to active aggressive action: the entrepreneur at the same time lost 22 horses, which new livestock producers could not avail to find in the neighborhood for a few days. A similar story was repeated again. A businessman. proposed harmonize "the world" conditions, however Igembaev put new unacceptable requirements for the entrepreneur. He refused to comply with them and got a reply from Igembaeva threat of more substantial material damage.

being confident, that we live in a legal state, A businessman. asked the Kegen District Police Department for protection of their material interests and personal property by embezzlement, as well as with the request to protect against threats militant element.

Investigator Kanat Nurkanat, He believes applicant, He showed a suspicious interest from the outset in justification Igembaeva M. All the facts, indicated in the statement of the victim A., not they were taken into account. Interrogation Igembaeva at confrontation with the applicant A. it was conducted very loyal in relation to the offender, suspected of stealing tangibles and threats. in short, District police Kegen Police Department of Almaty region – the investigator and his rope Nurkanat immediate boss Aibek Zhaқypzhan did the opposite - that is,, by the results of their dubious "investigation" the applicant was a real slanderer, and the man, suspect in theft and violence, It was presented so "honest and innocent" little man ...

More detailed information on the material you will be able to familiarize, the following link http://standard.kz/blog/2019/02/12 (Newspaper "World quality" №1 (167), January 2019 city)

And then events developed as follows manner.

Wanting to get the answer first hand, the applicant asked for an appointment with the head of the Police Division Kegen district lieutenant colonel Police Yerlik Urkimbaevu, who listened carefully to the entrepreneur, wrathful indignation broke into the incident. He said emotionally entrepreneur: "Why did not you have addressed to me personally?». from the mouth District police chief applicant heard sublime tirade about honor and Kazakh police duty, He promised to personally deal with all details of the application and bring it to a just completed, punish the guilty subordinates very hard, including termination.

Well Urkimbaev. He assured the applicant, that he personally watches over the police code of honor, never taken a bribe in his official career, corruption that excluded Kegen police, He also thinks that the clock only, to eradicate crime in the bud in the assigned area. In conclusion, the head of the police department said, that will give institutions the criminal cases on Igembaeva charges of theft and threats to their own security Service of Regional Department of Internal Affairs, for objective professional investigation of possible misconduct by police officers Kegen.

However, the joy of the entrepreneur A. It was premature, as it turned out, that Urkimbaev just "drove a movie" or other the words "made a beautiful face on a bad game". Remember, in the film "The Caucasian Captive "Attorney CAAX, "Indignant" about the violation of the law, And you I tried to organize the kidnapping of the bride? And Urkimbaev and his team are not We made no attempt to investigate the incident. What's the matter? maybe Urkimbaev and his staff are not so unselfish, ie. it is not profitable disclose cases of embezzlement? They do not want to take precautionary measures, that protect citizens from potential offenders? Anyway, position Urkimbaeva E. It can be characterized by, as an example of an elementary cynicism.

Naturally, that such actions Police called in edition many issues, the answers to which we according to the Law on Mass Media wanted to get from the head of the Police Department Almaty region, Major-General Police Urumhanova M.ZH. A businessman. naively thought, that the regional authorities are in the dark about unprofessional or illegal actions of their regional guardians law and order. He thought, now that would-be police officer will be in difficulty, responsible for its unwillingness to solve the crime, for their low professional level. but, Again there was no miracle. From the regional police authorities came banal evasion.

On the facts of violations of the law workers Police also told us an official letter to the Public Prosecutor and the Almaty region - prosecutor, Senior Adviser of Justice Zhylkybaevu A. FROM. and prosecutor Raiymbek district, Adviser Justice Kutelovu bs.

Soon responses were received – district prosecutor, With Justice Advisor. Qurmanäliulı soobşçïl nam, that the letter has been received, the police prescribed carefully check the facts and to report on the results the applicant.

Acting Regional P Attorney. Ożarów also told us, the police are obliged to all specified in Article check facts (with the participation of the victim) and respond in writing to the newspaper.

It seems that everything is going well - prosecutors keeps the situation under control.

And the finale - the last received Edited by letter deputy. Head of Almaty region B of the Police Department. Tenezbaev reported, that have been carried out by the facts set out by us pre-trial investigative action. And since the incident relates to the field of civil legal relationships (that is no crime in the police is not an event saw the), the decision to discontinue criminal proceedings, and victim are invited to write an application to the District Court Kegen and there already understand with your abuser.

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