Oil production in digital quality.

AT several oil and gas companies at the expense of "numbers" factor extracted oil increased by 2-5% and 10% cut costs, Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan Dauren Abaev. As part of the digitization industries economy, according to him, identified 100 companies, which is planned the introduction of digital technology with the transition to the level of "intelligent production", created 7 digital model of factories, It is translated into new technology rails of fuel and energy and mining complexes.

"It our first steps in digitization of industrial production and Realities are, that we need to develop this area by leaps and bounds. So, at 2019 the number of industrial robots worldwide will increase to 2,6 million units. In South Korea, eg, on 10 thousands of workers have to 478 robots, at Japan - 314 robots, in Germany - 292 work. In Kazakhstan these figures yet negligible, but the automotive industry and metallurgical sector It has a high potential for this ", - summed Abaev.

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