It all depends on the quality of information

Collection and collation of information on the quality conditions of the provision of services organizations in the sphere of culture, health, education, social services and federal agencies medical and social examination will be carried out by the new order.

The corresponding decree of the RF Government № 638 from 31 May 2018 It took effect 13 June.

Under the new rules, approved by the Government, collecting feedback on the work of the organizations will be required for making an independent assessment of the quality of their work. To collect and compile the information the organization will be able to, with which a state or municipal contracts to perform such work.

The sources of information will be considered as the official sites of the organizations, their information stands, views of service users and the results of the study provide services conditions, including: the existence and operation of remote methods of feedback and interaction with beneficiaries,; providing comfortable conditions of Service; accessibility for disabled premises of these organizations, adjacent areas and services.

Gather information about the quality of work of social organizations will submit a report to the public authorities, local government, with whom a contract in electronic form and on paper.

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