Publication of the fourth edition of ISO 9004 scheduled for 2018 year

18 May the official website of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO – International Organization for Standardization, - order.) He reported on the transition in the development stage DIS (Draft International Standard, - order.) and indicative of the timing of the publication of the final version, which will be the fourth in a row in ISO history 9004 "Managing for the sustained success of the organization. on the basis of quality management approach ". stated, that the next edition will be released in standard 2018 year, however, as practice shows, the work may be delayed - then the timing will shift. "The new edition of ISO 9004 will develop a version of the provisions of 2009 year and improve document. This will help users to achieve a common standard organizations improve, the maximum mobilization of the potential of their quality systems ", - said Nigel Croft, who heads the subcommittee SC 2, charge as a part of the TC №176 for editing ISO 9001 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements "and ISO 9004.

Commenting on the process of preparing a new edition of H. Croft recalled, that it is not suitable for certification. On the other hand, - he said, - in ISO 9004 integrated powerful company self-assessment system, which allows us to understand how advanced and efficient is its QMS

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