BSTQM Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management

CAQ China Association for Quality

CSQ Chinese Society for Quality, Chines Taipei

DQG Dubai Quality Group

HKSQ Hong Kong Society for Quality

KOQIM Kazakh Organisation for Quality and Innovation Management

ISQ Indian Society for Quality

IQMA Indonesian Quality Management Associate

ISQM Iranian Society of Quality Managers

JSQC Japanese Society for Quality Control

KSQM Korean Society for Quality Management

NQPCN Network for Quality Productivity and Competitiveness of Nepal

QPSP Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan

ROQ Russian Organisation for Quality

SQI Singapore Quality Institute

SQAT The standards and Quality Association of Thailand

VQAH Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City

Affiliated Member

KSA Korean Standards Association

QCI Quality Council of India

Partner Organization

NZOQ New Zealand Organization for Quality

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