Approved plans for the liberalization of services

Approved plans for the liberalization of services

College of the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) approved 18 plans for the liberalization of specific services sectors.

Under the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union (YeAES), Member States shall endeavor to create and provide a single services market in as many sectors. services single market is already in force in 43 sectors since the entry into force of the EAEC.

'Single services market gives a strong impetus to economic, industrial growth of the State Union, improve their competitiveness, attract additional investment in the Union's economy, revitalization of business activity, create more jobs, reduce unemployment ", – said a member of the Board (Minister) in economics and financial ECE Timur Suleimenov policy.

Provides expansion of unified services market through a transitional period based on the approved by the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (VYeES) liberalization plans, determining the order and stages of forming a single market in these sectors. The list of service sectors, in which the formation of a single market within the Union will be carried out in accordance with the liberalization plans, approved by the decision of VEES 16 October 2015 , the number 30. In total, the list of the transitional period came 21 services sector.

The outcome of the envisaged measures and deadlines agreed final transition services sectors to the single market. At the same time takes into account the possibility of multi-speed integration in the single market Union services.

Liberalization affects areas such as: building, engineering, urban planning, rental and leasing of pleasure boats without operator, services in the field of real estate and property valuation, markşeyderskwyu semkw, cartography, Weather and Meteorology, advertising, tourism, production and demonstration movie- and video, conducting research works.

During the implementation of the liberalization plan will analyze the existing legislation by Member States, The estimation of the identity control of the service sectors in countries of the Union, studied the best international experience of regulation. conclusion about the presence or absence of substantial equivalence control measures will also be made, organized administrative cooperation. Besides, liberalization plans, if necessary, provide as identifying acts, where it is necessary to harmonize, and harmonization of Union legislation, taking into account best international experience of regulation.

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