Who we are

The European Organization for Quality, EOC, is an independent, profit association which operates under Belgian jurisdiction.

EOC is also a multi-disciplinary organization which is committed to the efficient development of quality in every sense of the word and acts as a coordinating body and national representative organizations katalizatora (NGO).

The EOQ network of organizations, which consists of the European countries and countries all over the world were attracted hundreds of thousands of professionals and companies in the field of quality. values, vision and mission of the ESC have been established in the Charter and the EOC developed and approved by the General Assembly of the EOC.



EOC was established in 1956 year and was funded by five European countries: France, Italy, West Germany, Netherlands and the UK. Later, as the first big step in the provision of quality services, EOC started spreading its roots in other countries of Western Europe, and should begin to establish links with the countries of central and eastern Europe, in which the organization has been received as part of the block Communist. In recent years, the EOC has expanded its activities to involve the countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.

What are we doing

EOC acts as a worldwide leader in the development and quality management in the broadest sense of the word, as well as a key source of influence on the formation of quality in all respects.

Main products and services EOC:

  • Organization of annual congresses with EOC 1956 of the year
  • Certification of competence in the field of personnel management system of the profession: beginning with 1993 of the year, based harmonized EOC circuit, more 60 000 management system professionals have been trained and certified.
  • Issuance of passports and registration of professional competence EOC.
  • During the European Quality Week, from 1995 of the year, We have to organize thousands of events more
  • Award Awards European Quality Leader with 2003 of the year.
  • Award Awards Georges Borel from 2002 of the year.
  • Management of the European System of Registration of Volunteers (European Voluntary Registration System (EVROS)). This is a database of organizations and the quality of professionals 2007 of the year
  • Organization of Business Leaders Club with 2004
  • Summer camps with 2001
  • Active participation in the work of European and international organizations in order to develop and support quality, environmental protection, safety, innovation and transformation, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in the (Qualification requirements and certification schemes EOC) / (EOQ Competence Specifications and Certification Schemes).

How we do it ...

In achieving success EOC puts great hopes on its members, who are the main driving forces of the organization.

leadership EOC

  • The General Assembly of the EOC It is the supreme organ of the association and has all the necessary powers to achieve the objectives of the EOC. The General Assembly includes one representative of each organization of the National Representatives and members of the Executive Council.
  • The Executive Council has all the powers to the providence of business processes EOC, and to this end may conduct any activity, which he considers necessary or useful to achieve the objectives of the EOC.
  • EOC President is the chairman of the General Assembly and the Executive Board are elected every 3 of the year.
  • The General Secretariat on a daily basis is engaged in the management of EOC, the introduction of ESC policy approved by the General Assembly and the Executive Council.


Members and Partners EOQ

ESC members are those organizations, which are directly linked with the EOC and contribute to its mission. Depending on the legal status of the organization, national representatives activities EOC members are divided into three types:

  • Organization of National Authorities EOC
  • Associate Member of the EOC Organizations
  • Affiliated Member of the EOC Organizations

EOC partners

Parterres are those organizations, who are willing to cooperate with the EOC and to promote the distribution and development of quality traffic in Europe. Their contribution can come from different types of resources (financial, expertise, participation in projects, etc).

  Organization of national representatives



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