TK №61 “Automatic identification”

technical committee: TC 61
Name: Automatic identification
At the base: OYuL “Association for Automatic Identification GS1-Kazakhstan”
Index: 050008
City: Almaty
Address: str. Baizakova, 299
Phone: (7272) 75-65-78 / 50-50-60 / Fax:(7272) 75-59-32 / (7172) 91-00-53
E-mail: info@gs1.kfrom
chairman: AA Abrahmanov.
Vice-chairman: Bahaudinova S.SH.
Executive Secretary: Ishchenko RN.
order number: № 269
Date of approval: 04.07.2006 06:00:00
Anchored Objects Standardization (areas of activity): Providing information and teaching services in the field of development and implementation of systems GS, EAN-UCC via the Internet: – provide methodological support for the members of the Association of Legal Entities in the activities for the implementation of GS system standards, EAN-UCC / promotion of international projects and other specialized associations GS programs 1 on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan , and the involvement of its members in their / integration and implementation of modern achievements of domestic and foreign advanced information technologies in the field of automatic identification
Organizations members of the technical committee for standardization: TOO SP Odyssey interneyshenel / NUMBER “ZdravTehStandart”
Interaction with interstate technical committees: MTK 517 "Automatic Identification"
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