stages of implementation

introduction of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and OHSAS18001:2007, ISO 31000 It consists of the following steps:

LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia" offers you a full range of provision:

1) information and consultancy services for the development, implementation of quality management systems (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of international standards:

ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) – (Quality Management System)

ISO 14001:2015 (SAM) – (Environmental Management System)

OHSAS 18001:2007 (OZiBT) – (Health and Safety)

Integrated Management System – (three systems, or any two)


Implementation of standards consists of the following steps:

– the current management system analysis (further information is);

– Dissemination of Information and Consultation Workshop on Quality Management for senior and middle managers, as well as for managers (responsible for the development of an integrated documentation CM;

– Develop a plan for the implementation of CM;

– creation of project teams and coaching;

– build an optimal structure of the SM;

– the development and introduction of CM;

– reference check developed and implemented CM (pre-certification audit).


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