About the Association of Automatic Identification

GS1_Kazakhstan_Small_RGB_2014-12-17Association of Legal Entities “Association of Automatic Identification GS1 Kazakhstan” It is a nonprofit, NGO, a non-profit organization, functioning on the basis of voluntary association of companies - one of the world 112 GS1 organizations, working in more than 150 countries.

Association “GS1 Kazakhstan” as a member of the National Organization “GS1” It is the only commodity numbering organization - representing the International Association of “GS1 "and “EPC Global” on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Association for its members:

      • It assigns a unique worldwide enterprise prefix (Global Company Prefix — GCP)
      • Assigns numbers to enterprise
      • It assigns a unique address numbers (Global Location Numbers)
      • It makes it possible to obtain contact information for the manufacturer of the goods by its number (barcode)(All over the world!)
      • It makes it possible to search for the right product, using the classifier Products and services (All over the world!)
      • It provides practical assistance when joining the World Register
      • It publishes normative references of the standards and specifications of GS1 and EPC systems
      • Introduces the latest developments of the organization GS1
      • It informs about the events in the life of GS1 community

Read more about the association can be found here

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