Development and implementation of management systems in enterprises and organizations of various sectors and areas of activity is a significant factor in the way of Kazakhstan's accession to the World Trade Organization. International recognition of companies and organizations can provide staff, qualification which corresponds to the level of requirements, adopted by the international community for quality and is recognized throughout the world. competent staff – is the key to the success of enterprises and organizations, quality-oriented.

The certification body personnel NGO "KOKIM", accredited by the European Quality Organization (AND WHAT), It operates in the field of competence of personnel certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC International Standard 17024.

At positive results of the competence of certification, including the successful completion of the qualifying examination is given:

1. Certificate established sample - SIR PA "KOKIM", with the entry in the register of certified specialists CAP NGO "KOKIM" for three years;

2. Certificate of standard pattern - EOQ, with the introduction of a European register of certified specialists EOC for three years;

2.1 Individual card Qualified EOQ.

For admission to the qualification exam to obtain a recognized qualification is required:

1. Completed form "Application for the certification of personnel"

2. Documentation, confirming the presence of:

– higher education,

– total work experience,

– Experience in the declared field of certification (no less 1 year and above),

– experience of participation in at least 4 external audits, the total duration of at least 20 working days in the last 3 years (Auditor for certification).

– evidence of a course of study on the relevant program of EOQ.

Scheme certification process comprises 6 the main stages:

1. Providing a candidate for certification applications with the accompanying (see above) documents.

2. Conformity assessment personnel in accordance with the requirements, incl. qualification exam to confirm the qualification of the candidate of competence.

3. Analysis results of conformity assessment procedures.

4 Making the decision on certification.

5. Registration and issuance of the applicant:

5.1 Certificate competence sample TOE "KOKIM"

5.2 Sample certificate of competence of the European Organization for Quality (AND WHAT)

6. Inspection control over certified for validity of the certificate.

Note - in view of the requirements of the certification system EOQ, admission to the examination and certification of personnel conducted under the condition, If the candidate was qualified as an order of magnitude lower than claimed.

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