Preparation of auditors of occupational safety management systems and protection zdorovyaOHSAS18001:2007



course designed: Managers and specialists of occupational safety services and safety in construction and other industries, а также работники службы внутреннего аудита системы менеджмента производственной безопасности и охраны здоровья

objectives seminar: Gain knowledge and acquire practical skills for organizing and conducting internal audits of the management system of occupational safety and health (SMPBOZ).

The content of the seminar:

  • International and national standardization in the field of management of occupational safety and health (SMPBOZ). The system of international standards OHSAS series 18000.
  • Review of the requirements for management systems PBOZ. model OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Determination SMPBOZ audit. types of audits.
  • Требования к организации аудитов в стандарте ISO
  • Планирование и подготовка аудитов.
  • audit.
  • Communication and keeping conversations.
  • Examples inconsistencies and comments from practice audits.
  • Features certification QMS audits.
  • Role playing with the solution of practical problems.

issue documents: Certificate Training Center LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia", after successful completion of the exam, certificate with the qualification of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ Belgium).

The price of the seminar includes: handouts, practical assignments, test questions, dinner, coffee breaks 2 times a day.

Attention! Depending on the objective reasons may change the timing and cost of the seminar


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