Training "Leaders of Excellence" (L4E)


goal: ensure understanding and developing skills of the managers applying the EFQM Excellence Model in real production conditions. Using documents from the organizations of the state or the private sector, Participants will learn to identify the real application documents, from the public or private sector, and simple, effective tools, participants will learn, how to identify areas for improvement and implement a structured approach to effectively address this problem.

Do you want to learn how to use the EFQM Excellence Model to identify and implement improvements in their organization? Or want to learn more about the DMAIC cycle and other instruments, to identify root causes of problems and manage development projects?

Then this training is for you!

Main directions:

Basics of the EFQM Excellence Model, RADAR methodology and basic concepts;

Practicing skills of interpretation to assess the organization feedback report;

Applying DMAIC approach and support tools to improve;

Identify and work with the provinces to improve;

Business Excellence Matrix and development capabilities maps for your organization;


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Product Description

Benefits for the organization

Training "Leaders of the EFQM excellence" developed the c, to ensure the active involvement of staff of the organization in the process of using the EFQM Excellence Model and implementation of improvements. Upon completion of training, participants should be able to apply their skills to manage teams to improve or participate in self-evaluation.


The training program includes a set of exercises, discussions and presentations. In the course of practical training, participants will work with real application documents to the "Recognized for Excellence EFQM». In addition to this you will be able to review and update the features of your own organization.


participants, trained will receive an official certificate of EFQM «Leaders of Excellence EFQM - 1st level". the, participants, that within one year after the training is successfully implemented in your organization DMAIC improvement project or carry out self-evaluation using the Matrix Business Excellence, receive other additional certificate "Leaders of Excellence EFQM - 2nd Level".


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