Traceability of fresh products (Egypt)

Traceability of fresh products (Egypt)

Accurate and timely traceability of products and activities in the supply chain has become a new factor in the food industry and agriculture. Increasingly, consumers in many parts of the world trebueyut verifiable evidence of traceability as an important criterion of quality / food safety. The main feature of any traceable supply chain is the ability to trace the back story and consistently track the physical location of products in the total supply chain. To achieve this goal is important accurate labeling.

Benefits and results:
• Strengthening the competitive position of Al Shams (food company) as one of the best producers of citrus in the Mediterranean.
• Increase customer satisfaction by reducing the number of complaints and the time needed to process them more than 75%
• Compliance with the requirements of the Egyptian agency traceability requirements of the EU and other international traceability of customer requirements through the use of GS1 standards.
• Automation of all operational accounting in the company, as the control materials, inventory, Statements productivity, production planning, input and output data records logistics, etc..
• Enforcement of FIFO rules (First In, First Out - «first come - first left") in warehouses and distribution centers by identifying pallets, be shipped, which reduces the appearance of products with expired.
• Return on investment was reached after two seasons export

Global Standard traceability GS1 is a standard process, which defines the business process to monitor and the minimum requirements for data management for all traceability systems irrespective of the technology. This allows companies to implement the movement of goods between the companies regardless of the language and tools of each stakeholder.

*Based on materials GS1 Egypt
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