RFID tags for identifying cattle

Product identification is one of the basic aspects of traceability for food safety. RFID (radiochastotnaya identification) It is a non-contact, multipurpose automatic identification method, Widely used in traceability from farm to supermarket. RFID-tags have low productivity, and the cost and size requirements suggests, that power consumption, time of processing, storage and logical gateways are extremely limited.
EPCglobal Inc. published EPCglobal Tag Data Standard for RFID content tag (EPCglobal Inc.). EPCglobal - organization promoting and standardizing EPC technology. The main objective - to create a single standard for RFID systems. Coding schemes described in standard include SGTIN, SSCC, SGLN, GRAI, SOLUTION, and so on.
For, to be traced from the farm to the supermarket, to identify individual logistic units (beef, Haberdashery, medicine) used SGTIN (Global Trade Item Number serialized), and to identify physical locations (farms, skotoboen, markets) GLN is used (Global Location Number). In addition to the title, SGTIN-96 consists of five fields: filter value, section, company prefix, Information about the production and the serial number.
It is assumed, that the EPC-mark to identify the goods contain the same identification number as the current ear tags and content of a standard RFID tag format must be compatible with the EPCglobal standard.

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