Honorary members of the Association

Gregory Watson

Currently, Gregory X. Watson has served as President of the International Academy for Quality, and is a member and former president of the American Society for Quality. Besides, Mr. Watson - one of the most recognized international experts in the field of quality, who has made a significant contribution to the development of quality management.

Tito Conti

AT 2004 by Dr. Conti was awarded the medal of Lancaster by the American Society for Quality for its contribution to the study of TQM models and organizational self-assessment. He is the primary developer of the model of the European Quality Award, now known as Model Perfection EFQM. Of the many books and papers written by him, It deserves special attention "Organizational Self-Assessment", which was translated into 10 languages, including Arabic and Chinese. Mr. Tito Conti received his doctorate in electronic engineering at the University of g. Bologna (Italy), then he worked in the field of electronics and information technology. In 1980, Dr. Conti served as managing subsidiary Olivetti Group and Vice-President of Corporate Quality.

Noriaki Kano

Dr. Noriaki Kano is the authoritative Japanese professor and international consultant. AT 1997 Dr. Cano was awarded the Individual Deming Prize for his contribution to the development and improvement of quality. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he and his colleagues laid the foundation approach, better known as Kano Model. Dr. Kano challenged the established view of the customer satisfaction, which is, it primarily depends on the characteristics of a product or service. Instead of this, Dr. Kano developed understanding, that not all of the characteristics and properties of the product or service is equally perceived by the consumer. Some characteristics provide greater loyalty, than others.

Sang Park

Professor Sang Hyun Park - one of the most well-known in Asia as an expert. FROM 1977 year, he is an active leader and professional in the field of quality in South Korea. He graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National Institute, graduate of North Carolina State University. Doctor of Sciences Statistics, He teaches her first business school of Mississippi State University, and then at Seoul National University.

Dato Aziz Mat (Malaysia)

Managing director, Remains Solid Sdn Bhd; Chairman MOODY International; Chief Technical Advisor to the World Trade Center – Switzerland (standardization, Accreditation and Calibration); Chief Consultant of Quality and Standardization, UNITED – Austria; The head of the audit team and the Lead Auditor for quality management systems (ISO 9001); environmental management (ISO 14001) and food security (ISO 22000).

Sang Chin Kwai (China)

Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Hong Kong State 1991 Until now; Associate member of the International Academy for Quality; Member of the International Council of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) USA; A member of the Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ); A member of the Hong Kong Association of Quality Management (HKQMA); Chairman of the Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) at 1997-2000 gg.; National representative of Hong Kong in the Asian network quality (AQS) c 2000 years and a board member of the same organization 2003 g.

lotto Lai (Hong Kong)

Member of the Scientific Society and Chairman of the Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ); Member of the Advisory Committee on Industry Training Council (test, Inspection and Certification) from 15 August 2010 g. by 14 August 2012 city; Expert Committee of the Hong Kong industry awards for quality 2003-2004 gg.; Lead auditor of quality management systems of the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA); Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers to 2007 of the year; The auditor of environmental management system EARA (1999-2002 gg.).

grant Reagan (Canada)

Deputy Director of the Center for Business Excellence at Zayed University, OAE (consulting, coaching on change management issues, organizational excellence, personnel management, etc.). Dr. Grant Regan is a certified specialist in organizational development ODI American Institute, as well as the assessor of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Paul Harding (South Africa)

Industrial Administration MSc (University of Cape Town). Honor Award Nissan Corporation - South Africa "for his contribution to improving the quality". Executive Director of the South African Quality Institute; Vice-chairman, member of the Council on the quality of educational services (South African Agency of Education); Member of the Council of the Authority for the accreditation of health care services in South Africa.

Robin Mann (New Zealand)

Mr. Robin Mann (doctor of philosophical science) is the head of the Research Center for Organizational Excellence (New Zealand), as well as Chairman of the International Organization Benchmarking, member of the Advisory Council of the University distance learning Hamden Bin Mohammed (Dubai) and co-founder BPIR.com Limited - a leading Internet resource, devoted to the issues of benchmarking.

Džanak Mehta (India)

Janet K. Mehta is a mechanical engineer, with more than 46 years experience, of which 25 years he has worked in the industry, holding various functions, up to the executive director of the company. Working in the industry, v1982, he became a pioneer of the quality movement in India and contributed to its active promotion throughout the country.

Milan Hutyra

Member of the Czech Society for Quality; A member of the Certification Committee staff - ACM DTO CZ certification body, Ostrava; Member TC 47 / SC47A / WG6; Member of the Scientific Council CIMQUSEF 2008,2009,2010 (International Conference on management kachetvo in education and training).

Elizabeth Keim

Elizabeth (Liz) Kyme is a managing partner in IQR (Integrated Quality Resources) in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She works with clients to improve business results through integration of such methods, as Lean and Six Sigma, criteria, used for the award of the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award and the standards ISO series of quality systems 9000.

Pak Su Mi Dalgaard

Professor Su Mi Park Dalgaard lectured as a guest speaker at many universities in Europe and Asia. Chairman of the organizing committees of various international conferences on quality management. He received a bachelor's degree in political science and diplomacy of Yonsei University in Seoul, BA and MA in East Asian Studies University of Aarhus countries (Denmark), licensee's and doctoral degrees in management Linkoping University (Sweden).

Jens Dalygaard

Linkoping University professor (Sweden) – Jens Dalygaard, winner of Lancaster USA Award (2005), Academician of the International Academy of Quality (USA) since 1995., winner of the Chinese Government Quality Award; in 2002. Cambridge University has been named “outstanding intellectuals 21 century” and is included in the international magazine list “Who is who” since 1993.

Yuri Gusakov

He is president of the non-commercial partnership "Rosispytanie". 2001. In. elected vice-president VOK, From september 2002 g. Vice-President of the European Organization for Quality (EOC). In December 2005,. First Vice-President of EQA Professor Yuriy Abramovich Gusakov elected President of the EOC.

Dzhon Eli

John F. Eli is the Executive Vice President of Juran Institute. It operates as an administrator, instructor and manages major projects. Dzhon Eli is also responsible for the development and quality of teaching materials. He has 25- years of experience in the field of management . Under his leadership, many organizational and technical changes have been implemented, and successfully combined methods of strategic quality, 6 Sigma and improve business processes. In 90 years Dzhon Eli served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development, and then, Executive Director of the Institute Juran.

tong Go

Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineer, National University of Singapore (HUS); Member of the International Academy for Quality (MAK); Member of the American Society for Quality (AOK).

Pal Molnar

Currently, Dr. Pal Molnar is President and CEO of the Hungarian National Committee of the European Organization for Quality (EOC). Dr. Pal Molnar is also the editor of the Hungarian scientific and technical periodicals, such as, "Quality and Reliability" or "Food Investigations". In addition, Professor Pál Molnar is a member and Vice-President of the International Academy for Quality, representing Hungary as part of the EOC. Dr. Pal Molnar served as co-chair of «Codex Alimentarius» Committee, which operates in the field of development of methods of analysis and sampling. Besides, Dr. Pal Molnar holds a number of positions in the national and international organizations.

Lennart Sendkholm

Mr. Sandholme is a management consultant, as well as the founder and chairman of the board «Sandholm Associates» Company, which was established in 1971. During 10 Dr. Sandholme years served as director of corporate quality at Electrolux Group companies ( Electrolux ).

Xesameddin Aref discovery

Sciences MSc in electrical engineering and electronics (Shirazskiy University, Iran, 1973 city); Doctor of Social Sciences (University of Paris, France, 1979 city); certified Auditor, Lead QMS Auditor (Курсы Neville Clarke, Iran); Certificate course "Model EFQM» (Bsi, Iran); QMS Certificate Program (AOTS- METI, Japan, 1995 city).

Miflora Gatchalian

Honorary Secretary General of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), WTO Counselor; Academician of the prestigious International Academy for Quality; Ex-president of the Philippine Society for Quality, the president, ASEAN (technology in the food industry); honors: Premium «Magnolia», Medals «Kharringtona Ishikavy, Award Lancaster, American Society for Quality and others.; The only woman in the world, award a medal, established in her honor, which recognizes the world's best female experts in the field of quality.

Jose Gatchalian

Ex-professor of the State University of the Philippines; Honorary President of the Philippine industrial society; Honorary member of International Society Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Gamma Mu; A pioneer in the establishment of cooperation in the field of labor relations in many countries and large organizations; laureate “industrial World” in 1992.

Juan Anttila (Finland)

Gwann Anttila - an independent Finnish expert in the field of quality , Member of the International Academy for Quality. for 40 years of professional experience , g – Mr. Anttila held responsible positions, relating to the implementation and development of quality management systems in organizations . Gwann Anttila took an active part in the development of national and international standards, and four generations of the ISO series of standards 9000.

Olhovikova Nataliya Borisovna

PhD in Chemistry, Project Leader AFNOR Rus on Sustainable Development, asessor EFQM , teacher, expert and consultant on management systems. Alumna Leningrad Institute of Technology in "Chemical Technology of Organic dyes" ( 1979 g .), graduate school and dissertation defense ( 1990 g .). Researcher, teacher, Associate Professor of Chemical Technology Faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, now the Ural State Technical University (1980-1997 gg.).

Yukihiro Ando

on Total Quality Management Consultant; Director of the Japanese Society for Quality Control; Lead Examiner Deming Prize Committee; Workshops and consultations in a wide range of industries in Japan, USA, Thailand, India, Singapore: Production (steelmaking, cement, chemical, engineering, computers, food processing industry, automotive, etc.); Services sector (health sector, electric power supply, air, health, banking, etc.); Building (general contractors): 22 construction organization became winners of the Deming Prize.

Herve Legenvʹer

Herve Legenver took an active part in the reform of the company "Renault", by introducing art six sigma, reengineering of existing processes, including the development of products, supply chain and marketing. Currently, taking up the post of director to work with key partners, it interacts with the most active and EFQM large partners and provides development of appropriate, of joint projects. The European Foundation for Quality Management is the founder of the Award for the quality of EFQM , as well as the competence center for the evaluation of the performance of enterprises and organizations.

Roland Janke

By Roland. Janke is the director of «Deutsche Post World Net» German Logistics Corporation, which employs more than 520 000 officials, allowing corporations to occupy the first place in its population among European companies, and 6 th place in the world. Corporation «Deutsche Post World Net» has strong, leading position in the logistics market. His career in the corporation Roland Janke began after, I received economic education in Germany.

Leonid Dvorkin

Chief Auditor IRCA , EOQ auditor, expert auditor GOST R and Gazpromcert, FOC teacher. Experience a more 300 audits of management systems according to ISO standards 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Author of articles in magazines "Standards and quality" and "Methods of Quality Management '. experience: Head of SGS Vostok Certificate Services, Technical Director of the Federal Center for Standardization Certification Department of Russian State Construction Committee, Deputy Director of the Institute "UralNIIAS", Head of the Testing Center "BRE", Engineer Installation of trust "Uralstalkonstruktsiya".

Su Chao Ton (Taiwan)

Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Designing the National Taiwan University; Member of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) – Doctor of philosophical science (University of Missouri-Columbia, 1993. US – MSc in Industrial Engineering, Taiwan University "Chun Yuan", 1984g – BSc in Industrial Engineering, Taiwan University "Chun Yuan", 1979g.

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