Examination of technical documentation

Test Center of LLP "Center of certification« InterCert »conducts technical examination of program documentation with the issuance of the conclusion of the established sample. Examination program documentation is part of the certification testing software, including, software, which is part of the automated systems. In accordance with the requirements of the law On informatization of 24 November 2015goda, technical documentation examination is carried out in order to assess its compliance with the requirements of normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and operating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan standards in the field of information.

Expertise program and operational documentation on development, and upgrading software implementation information systems (program documentation) It includes checking the documentation for completeness, regulatory compliance

– technical documentation, as well as the presence in it of necessary information for the evaluation of the automated system and its components (program description, application area, features and specifications, etc.).

Technical expertise software documentation is carried out in the following areas:

-check for completeness, the design and content;

-checking compliance program documentation requirements specification;

-checking compliance program documentation requirements ustanovlennyhstandartov

(composition, decor, content);

-assessment of the quality documentation in accordance with established criteria;

-and others, according to customer requirements.

The procedure for checking for completeness, decor, content and for compliance with the requirements of ND

Check the documentation for completeness involves compliance check

regulations (GUEST 19.101 and GOST 34.201).

The composition and structure of documents, made in accordance with GOST 19.001, GUEST 19.101, GUEST 19.105, GUEST

19.106, GUEST 19.501- GUEST 19.508, GUEST 19.603, GUEST 19.604, GUEST 19.701, GUEST 24.301

– GUEST 24.303, GUEST 24.401, GUEST 24.402, It depends on the PS.

Checking paperwork (composition, structure, technical design) and

consistency of documents includes the following sections:

-matching names (header) document requirements ND;

-matching names (header) document its contents (on the header section,

subsections, points);

-compliance with section headers, subsections and paragraphs the requirements of ND;

-compliance with section headers, subsections and paragraphs of content;

-eating correctly and registration links to ND;

-compliance with the provisions of the document being checked with the provisions of the existing ND;

-compliance with the provisions of the document being checked with the provisions of other documents of the same

system documentation and documentation for other provisions of the SS, interacting with


-Associated text standards and rules of spelling and punctuation;

-use correct spelling and terminology and other symbolic means (terminological expertise)

To verify compliance with the requirements of the composition and content of the program documentation

established standards include the use of a set of standards, regulatory

documentation of the automated system in different stages of its creation:

ST RK 34.010-2002, SPRK 34.012-2002, GUEST 34.201-89, as well as a series of GOST 19.HHH.

The procedure for evaluating the quality of documentation

Evaluation of the quality of program documentation is performed using Standard 28195 Evaluation Software Quality. General provisions.

Methods of assessing the quality of software documentation in accordance with established criteria makes it possible to obtain quality evaluation

documentation and development of measures aimed at improving its quality.

Depending on the capabilities of, goals and objectives of the program documentation of quality assessment used the following methods to determine the values ​​of quality indicators: experimental, estimated, expert,sociological.

Expert method allows you to set the level of quality indicators based on decisions, taken by a group of professional experts.

Sociological method is closely related to the expert methods and is based on the collection and analysis of opinions of actual or potential users of the information system and its software documentation.

In general, procedure for determining the quality of software documentation is built on finding the next number of provisions:

-that the content of all sections (subsections) document headers;

-sufficiency of disclosure of material sections and subsections of the document;

-loyalty to the links in the document links to other documents;

-understandability of all sections of the document in the study;

-the sufficiency of the information in the document to understand all the concepts and physical


-and others.

Evaluation of the quality of the document held by the expert with regard to the requirements for the structure and

the content of each document.

In case of comments on the quality of the document, expert formulates

disparity, and gives recommendations to address comments.

Besides, when assessing the quality of program documentation assessed the following characteristics of the document:

  • authenticity;
  • reliability;
  • integrity;
  • suitability for use.

The procedure for registration of an expert opinion

Expert opinion on the program documentation should include the following

main sections:

-examination object;

-information about the customer and developer documentation;

-Technical description of the job to the reporting requirements documentation;

-the method and procedure of peer review;

-Description execution results Defect, comments and recommendations


-expert findings.

Form of examination protocol software documentation is provided in Appendix D of the standard ST RK 34.010.

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