Kazakhstan Quality Mark

Kazakhstan Quality Mark–Double promotion - for the company and for the country!

New opportunities

There are many signs and logos Quality, issued by various national and international inspection, certification, legislative, governmental bodies and associations. Few of them have been officially recognized as the well-known quality labels. The European Organization for Quality(EOC), a leading organization in the promotion of quality, and whose mission, It is to promote the quality of, in the broadest sense, I decided to launch a new project for the implementation of the Kazakhstan Quality Mark. More 25 of various documents, rules and procedures, They have been established and used, for Quality Mark. Full-fledged members of the EOC – representatives of the National Quality, EOC will be accredited, for the award of the quality mark, for different types of products / services in their respective countries. quality mark, based on identical selection process, Kazakhstan will be called Quality Mark, with the addition of approval "recognizes ESC" to the original national logo.


Recognition of companies and their products / services for the Mark.

Candidates for Kazakhstan Quality Mark, We must fulfill several conditions, which can be classified into three groups:

  • Business performance -
  • Implementing and maintaining a quality management system, which provides a stable and successful business operation.
  • The high proportion of not less than 50% of the total development cost, knowledge, materials, blanks and work on goods / services should be of national origin.


Formal procedures and evidence analysis.

They have been developed and edited a number of documents, rules, procedures, questionnaires. All information must be analyzed and used, as a basis for granting Kazakhstan Quality Mark.

The approval process for the right to use the Mark is a complex and deep. Certificate Kazakhstan quality mark for products or services can only be issued after submission of the necessary evidence and the successful assessment of all claims.

We believe, at the, that Kazakhstan's Quality Mark is an important element for the successful promotion of goods and services, tk. it helps the consumer to choose the product, and this in turn leads directly to increased sales companies.

Acquired Badge is valid for two years. At the expiration of this period,, it is possible to extend, based on an evaluation, which has a value of one third of the initial estimate.

The complexity of the assessment and verification procedures are set according to the size of companies, applying for Mark. These companies are classified as micro, small, medium and large.


The advantages and benefits of using the Mark.

Simplified recognition of the quality of products / services and their origin.

quality mark - a symbol of recognition and proven quality of products / services, which contributes to the development of sales and achieve sales goals.

Within countries, in Europe and worldwide competition is intensifying with each passing day. The sign increases availability and enables the owner to be a step ahead of the competition.

The use of signs leads to success in business and is a promotion, not only for the company, but for the country, representing this company, generally.

The main difference from those of the mark, It is the recognition of the European Organization for Quality, which makes it possible to enter international markets, and thereby increase their profits.

Simplified consumer choice, based on the confidence in the product.

Raising the level of quality.

The procedure for obtaining the Mark is a laborious process. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the quality of goods / services, for which the company will be awarded.

Various risk factors, associated with the products / services and production processes or the performance of services, They were reviewed and evaluated. Positive audit of the quality management system ensures a high degree of likelihood, that the candidate will provide long-term quality of its products and services.

Measurement and analysis of the market shows that the degree of, how much customers were satisfied and whether the company meets, is a candidate for the Mark certificate, expectations of its suppliers.

During the evaluation process,, identified various inconsistencies and weaknesses of the company's place. The added value of assessment is made up of corrective actions, when and where they should be made in order to achieve a higher quality level


Application Token.

Based on the successful evaluation, the winner receives a certificate of the Sign, sign(emblem) with logo, glass sculpture and a bronze plaque of recognition.

The winner gets the right to label their products and services, using the official logo of the Kazakhstan and protected Quality Mark together with confirmation of the recognition of the EOC.

In case of, competent supervisory authorities, defects or poor quality on products and services, the owner of the sign must solve this problem or otherwise inform the body, vыdavshemu Star, its inability to meet the requirements, necessary to maintain the Mark.

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