Almaty. Innovations in the municipal environment.

Almaty. Innovations in the municipal environment.

Akim of Almaty B.Baibek, speaking at the V Innovation Forum in Almaty, He stated, that the city authorities today focuses on the transition from the city to an innovative service. According to him, at the South of the capital there is a great potential for innovation, but he sold enough. Today the main task is to create conditions for innovation ecosystem.

“For, that the city has become an innovative two factors need: money and ideas. And all this in our city have. And today we are gathered, to understand and discuss the, where we go from here, how to remove barriers, to achieve this”, – said the mayor.

How otmetïl B.Baibek, Almaty - a city of young, where one-third of our young people and university. Besides, in our city live the best entrepreneurs and scientists. According to him, Almaty far ahead on macroeconomic indicators, Social indicators, According to the mayor, You need a bit of catch up. "Economic growth is, due to the increase of population. in recent years it has grown in Almaty 2 fold, and the population has increased by 20%… In the short-term forecast is greater risks, but in the long run, we believe, it's good for the city. Today 75% budget is spent on the development of the newly annexed areas, to pull them to the level of development of other areas of the city…”, – akim. He also added, today the city task is not only to provide the population of all social services, but also to create conditions for development of SMEs.

In addition to discussing the program, It is exist cited examples of innovations regarding the simple things, such as utility issues. They care about people. “for example, we took the opportunity Instagram. This is the cheapest way to quickly provide feedback with the population. Today we have more than 90 thousand. subscribers, and now we are saving time and money of the population, they would have spent on bureaucracy and signing thousands of documents. 85% complaints being solved through social networks. I.e, if we were doing it the traditional way, Imagine how many written complaints, we had to take. And now it's easier and we, thanks to the townspeople know all the problems of the city and is quickly and effectively solve all. And it helps to improve the citizens' confidence in the city authorities ", – Baykadamov Baibek.

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