TK №62 «confirmation of compliance staff"

technical committee: TC 62
Name: confirmation of staff
At the base: NUMBER “Certification Authority “InterCert”
Index: 050000
Address: str. Baizakova, 299
Phone: (727) 274-93-92 / 250-50-60
E-mail: info@intercert.kfrom
chairman: Abdrakhmanov AA.
Vice-chairman: Talibaeva G.M.
Executive Secretary: Kabdraisov M.ZH.
order number: № 269
Date of approval: 04.07.2006
Anchored Objects Standardization (areas of activity): The assessment and attestation of staff: leaders of organizations, specialists in different fields of activity, officials, working
Organizations members of the technical committee for standardization: ULE Association of Independent certification bodies and testing laboratories / Law Firm RSE KazInSt
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