Interstate Technical Committee №517

Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization “Automatic identification” MTK517 established in May 1999. at the 15th meeting of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (ICO) with fixing reference ITC secretariat for the Russian side and the approval of the chairman and the secretary of ITC.

Secretariat MTK517 leading Automatic Identification Association "UNISCAN / GS1 RUS" (GS1 RUS).

In accordance with the position of the National Technical Committee for Standardization in identifying (barcoding, radiochastotnaya identification), Article numbering, Electronic Data Interchange (e-business), on behalf of the Republic of Belarus State Committee for Standardization TC 24 "Identification" can carry out a direct interaction with the Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization "Automatic Identification" (MTK517), ISO / IEC JTC1 / SC31 «Technology for automatic identification and data collection", ISO TC122 / TC104 JWG «The use of RFID for supply chain management", ISO / TC154 «Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, Industry and administrative procedures ", performing the functions of a permanent national body said technical committees.


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