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Activities of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) It aims to promote improvements in the implementation of the organizations, based on the EFQM Excellence Model, which is a comprehensive management structure, used in more than 30000 European organizations. For successful implementation of the model in your organization EFQM provides training services, and also provides the necessary tools of evaluation and recognition of high performance organizations. But our main talent lies in identifying and collecting good practices and integrate them into our service portfolio.

being, non-profit foundation, association EFQM offers its customers "the, what really works "through familiarization with practical examples, case studies, conferences and other events.

We are working, to share with our members their enthusiasm, motivation and achieved results.

EFQM office is in g. Brussels (Belgium). Our team consists of 17 human. The cooperation with our foreign partners allows us to help organizations around the world.

From the history EFQM

European Foundation for Quality Management was established more 20 years ago through the merger 14 executives from leading European companies, including AB Electrolux, British Telecommunications plc, Bull, Ciba-Geigy AG, C. Olivetti & C. SpA, Dassault Aviation, Fiat Auto SpA, KLM, Nestle, Philips, Renault, Robert Bosch, Sulzer AG,Volkswagen to create a management tool, enhancing the competitiveness of European companies. This initiative was supported by the European Commission within the framework of the European policy to promote quality. Thus it was developed EFQM Excellence Model.

Our Vision and Mission

Promotion of European organizations in the achievement of benchmarks for sustainable economic development;

Voodushevlenie leader, seeking to acquire knowledge and innovation using Perfection Model EFQM, as a common basis

model of Perfection EFQM

EFQM Excellence Model – Quality is the most popular instrument in Europe, used in more than 30 000 organizations to improve performance. It allows you to carry out self-assessment and take corrective action. 84% EFQM members confirmed, The model that really contributes to the improvement of the organization.

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Usage Models

Assessment of the organization performance, aimed at identifying strengths and areas for improvement;

Consolidation and harmonization of existing tools, procedures and processes; avoid duplication;

Implementation of thinking, aimed at the implementation of the necessary actions for continuous improvement;

Identification of, what actions really affect the results achieved, which areas require more attention to the organization and what approaches should be eliminated.


Guaranteed address the needs of all stakeholders;

ensuring a coherent, an integrated approach to the implementation of initiatives,

aimed at achieving a certain goal;

Creating a positive image of your organization, a reliable, worthy

trusted partner, reaching sustainable results;

Faster, efficient and effective achievement of results;

Defining solutions, the corresponding specificity of your organization and the current


Easy to use and understanding; The model is designed for organizations and institutions

Who can use the Model?

The EFQM Excellence Model can be used by any organization regardless of its size and activities, since it is not a prescription, and offers a holistic approach.

How it works?

EFQM Excellence Model is used as a basis for self-esteem – activity, in which the organization is evaluated for compliance 9 criteria Model. These criteria are based on 8 Fundamental concepts of the EFQM Excellence. To assess the organization uses a methodology RADAR.

The model is updated every three years c aim to match the current and future business environment.

About training EFQM

EFQM helps to prepare the next generation of business leaders, offering training and development opportunities based on the practice of obtaining and sharing knowledge between the organizations.

Initially, we specialized in the training of specialists in the field of business excellence for the evaluations of all organizations, applying the EFQM Model. Then we have included training level "Committed to Excellence" and courses for business executives.

20-years of experience ...

More than 1000 human, trained over the years in Kazakhstan

841 Specialist trained by the partners EFQM

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