Completed projects

Company "Intercert Consulting Center Asia"Pays much attention to such a point in the scale of its values, as Mutually beneficial cooperation with the customer. The needs of our customers is a key point in our business. This means not only actively collaborate during advisory activities, but maintaining relationships after such.

Trust in the work of one of the fundamental bases, as a personal, and market relations. We believe, that trust can and should be worth in rigorous and interdependent work, and we have earned for the project activities with our customers.

For the period of this year, the list of our customers have made the following domestic companies:

In the oil and gas industry:

  • «KazTransGas Region»;
  • JSC "Intergas Central Asia";
  • SNPS - Dan Oil Center;
  • Number of 'Jigyermunaisyervis';
  • Ltd., the Company has Oil and Ecology ';
  • Number of SP 'Kazgyermunai';
  • ТОО «Karakum Drilling Central Asia»;
  • Ltd. AmangeldıGaz;
  • Number of 'Embaenyergomunai';
  • AO "Kazneftegazmaš";
  • ТОО «DRILL-LAB Kazakhstan»;
  • TOO NIPI "Gazžobalau" etc.

In state-owned enterprises:

  • governorates g. Astana and r. Almaty akimat and in all of Kazakhstan;
  • RGP “Banking Service Bureau of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Almaty city;
  • JSC "Kazakhtelecom";
  • AO "Logic";
  • JSC "Aktau International Airport";
  • AO "Kazaéronavigaciâ";
  • JSC "Euro-Asia Air Airline";
  • RSE on PVC "Engineering Center of the Commercial Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan Parliament";
  • LLP «Almaty heat networks";
  • "International Scientific – Production Holding "Phytochemistry";
  • AO “Kazremenergo”;
  • JSC "National Scientific and Technological Holding" Parasat ";
  • SI «Department of statistics of all the regions of Kazakhstan";
  • GKP “Gorvodokanal” OZHKH, PT and AD akimatag.Ekibastuza;
  • GU “Energy and Public Utilities of Almaty region” etc.

In educational institutions:

  • JSC "Astana Medical University";
  • GMU "State Medical University of Semey city»;
  • KGKP “Ust-Kamenogorskiypolitehnichesky College”;
  • GKP “Kyzylorda College of Humanities” im.M.Mametovoy;
  • NUMBER “South Kazakhstan College “Arystanbab”;
  • CPWG “Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University”;
  • NUMBER “Kazakh Humanitarian Law and Technical College”;
  • GKKP “Kokshetau Medical College”;



The construction and design and survey institutes:

  • NUMBER “Grand Kurilis”;
  • NUMBER “engineering firm “city”;
  • NUMBER “Karaganda Stroy Project”;
  • TOO Research and Design Institute “Gazjobalaw”;
  • NUMBER “Concern “Spear-Kurylys” ;
  • NUMBER “Design and Research Institute “Kazdorproekt”;
  • NUMBER “Stroydormaş Astana”;
  • NUMBER “Grand Kurilis”;
  • NUMBER “Казстройинвест LTD”;
  • NUMBER “GeoStroyInvest” etc.


The industrial organizations:

  • NUMBER “Aralvagon”
  • AO “Shymkentcement”
  • AO “Astana -Teplotranzit”
  • AO “Kazremenergo”
  • NUMBER “Alit”
  • NUMBER “Žanakorgan-Transit”
  • NUMBER “bridge-building company”
  • RGP “Jezkazganredmet” KP MIiNT RK
  • NUMBER “EnergoMehanoMontazh”
  • NUMBER “Kazenergoproektservis”

In medical organizations:

  • KPD of PCV “Zhambylskiyoblastnoy consulting and diagnostic center” UZAJO;
  • KGP PCV “Regional Cardiac Center” Karaganda region
  • NUMBER “OST-FARM” Ust-Kamenogorsk
  • NUMBER “Palm-Pharm” g. Almaty
  • AO “NC Urology them. B.U. Djarbusınova”;
  • RGP “Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical Center Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the President”
  • institution “Training and Production Enterprise of the Kazakh Society of the Deaf”


The scientific – research organizations:

  • AO “National Scientific Center of Surgery im.A.N.Syzganova”;
  • NTsAGiP “Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology”,
  • CPWG “Kazakh Eye Research Institute”;
  • RGP “Sci-islledovatelsky Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics”;
  • AO “National Scientific Medical Center”;
  • TOO Research and Design Institute “Gazjobalaw”
  • RGP “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems”
  • HEARD “Research Institute for Regional Development”
  • RGP “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” MON RK, Zhambyl Region


organizations, implemented the quality management system and obtain international certificates and certificate of conformity in the state of technical regulation system of Kazakhstan, with our services organization:

DIT National Bank of Kazakhstan, Almaty city (TUV CERT);
Kokshetau University. A. Myrzakhmetova(TUV CERT);.
JSC "Machine Building Plant. S.M. Kirova »g. Petropavlovsk (TUV CERT);.
AO "sparks" Mr.. Almaty (Russian register, Russia);
JSC "Machine-Building Plant named after SM Kirov», Almaty city (Russian register, Russia);
Academy of Civil Aviation, Almaty city (Russian register, Russia);
Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz (Russian register, Russia);
Number of 'Tealand', Almaty city (SGS, Switzerland);
JSC "Shymkentmay" (SGS, Switzerland);
ТОО «TS Engineering» (MoodyInternational, United Kingdom);
LLP "Aktobe plant of metal constructions" (MoodyInternational, United Kingdom);
JSC "Astana International Airport", ("National expertise and certification center" Astana);
JSC "Akmola car repair plant ("National expertise and certification center" Astana);
TOO "Saranʹrezinatehnika" Mr.. carp (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
TOO "Ta-Mac" h.Taraz (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
Ltd. Galamdıktehnologiyalar g.Astana (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
Astana, TOO SMEU (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
LLP "AlmazAziya" Astana (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
TOO "NTC NP", g.Astana, (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
RSE "Hospital of the Medical Administration of the President of Kazakhstan center" Astana (TÜV Rheinland Group);
LLP "Tool Plant 2000" Mr.. Pavlodar (TÜV Rheinland Group);
AO "KazTransGaz Distribʹûšn" Mr.. Almaty (from 10 subsidiaries) (TUV CERT);
Ltd. Concern Javelin construction , g. Astana (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
AO “Policy Alliance” , g. Almaty (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
NUMBER “Orange”, g. than;
NUMBER “future”,village Kushmurun;
GKKP “Shymkent College of Economics and Law”, g. Shymkent
NUMBER “Amangeldy Gas” (TOO Certification Center «InterCert»);
NUMBER “With Mobile” (TUF Nord, Republic of Ukraine);
LLP "Pavlodar Training and Production Enterprise of Kazakh society of the blind", g. Pavlodar;
TOO «BS-Lux" g. Astana;
RSE "Semipalatinsk financial - economic behalf RymbekaBaiseitova College" Mr.. Families;
Number of 'GazKontroliPribor'. Almaty;
TOO "Universal Catering" Mr.. Almaty;
MSPE "Kokshetauskiy Medical College» g. Kokshetau;
Ltd. "Instrumental plant" Pavlodar;
RSE "Clinical Sanatorium" Oak Zhetpes "RK President Administration Medical Center;
EE "Humanitarian - Economic Academy," Mr.. Taldykorgan;
JSC "Company for foreign insurance" Kazakhinstrakh "Mr.. Almaty;
SCCE "Stepnogorsky gumanitarno Technical College» g. Stepnogorsk.

Partner companies, working on the implementation of the quality management system:

RGP "Žezkazganredmet" Mr.. Zhezkazgan;
TOO "NTC NT Astana" Mr.. Astana;
AO "Kazdorproekt" Mr.. Astana;
AO "KATÉP" Mr.. Almaty;
AO “Kardanval” g. Shymkent;
JSC "Pavlodarenergoproekt" Mr.. Pavlodar;
TOO "PrivatclinikAlmaty" Mr.. Almaty;
Ltd. STARION 'd. than;
RSE "National Research Medical Center" MoH g. Astana;
SCCE "Ust-Kamenogorsk Medical College" Mr.. Ust-Kamenogorsk;
LLC "Design and Construction Company" PPK g. Astana;
NC "Temirtauskiy Medical College» g. Temirtau;
State Enterprise "National training college retraining of paramedical and pharmaceutical workers," Mr.. Almaty;
SI «The East Kazakhstan Regional University" Mr.. Ust-Kamenogorsk;
EE "Humanitarian - Economic College" Taldykorgan;
Number of 'Embaenyergomunai'. Atyrau;
TOO «NC – Technology» г. Almaty;
"Kompaniya Munai - Ecology" yy. Almaty, Atyrau;
TOO «NeftTehServis» g. Kyzylorda;
Ltd., railway g.g. Almaty, Astana;
TOO tone "farm," Mr.. than;
TOO NPF "Technology" g. carp;
TOO "BAZALT LTD" Mr.. Taldykorgan;
TOO "Askos +" g. Kostanay;
MSPE "Kyzylordinskiy agrotechnical College» g. Kyzylorda;
TOO "Podvodstroiservis» g. Ust-Kamenogorsk;
KX Aşçïbwlak "g". Taldykorgan;
Number of 'Jasnur'. Kokshetau;
TOO "Pavlodarenergoproekt» g. Pavlodar;
GU "AkimatShusskogo district" Mr.. noise;
SI "Finance department akimataBayzakskogo area" with. Sarykemer
AO "parts" Mr.. Taraz;
IFC LLP "Hippocrates" Mr.. Astana;
LLP "Geoitsentr East" Mr.. Ust-Kamenogorsk;
SCE "urban clinic № 3» g. Taraz;
MSPE "Shahtinskii College of Technology» g. than;
SI "the Department of Health Mangistau" Mr.. Aktau;
MSPE "Temirausky Technical College" g. Temirtau
MSPE "Kyzylordinskiy humanitarian College» g. Kyzylorda;
PO "Marlene and K" r. Taraz.

The president
NUMBER “Intercert Consulting Center Asia”
Aythojina Gulbahram Kuanovna

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