Traceability of Cash Flow

Traceability of Cash Flow

Despite all the achievements of modern times in the field of cash payments are the main means of payment today, and in the near future this trend will continue. About 80% Payment is made in cash, and that a large amount of money. A volume control is extremely difficult, money constantly move as intended, and in the shadow. The issue of traceability of funds in the context of globalization and prolonged economic crisis is very acute. Safety and effectiveness in cash logistics - is the foundation of each ecosystem: process of banknote printing in central banks to cashing ATMs. And on how healthy ecosystem depends on the stability of the entire economy.

Using GS1 Standards improves the efficiency, security and transparency of all relevant processes handling cash.

Global GS1 standards from different sectors contribute:

  • increase the reliability of the direct tracking of cash flow;
  • optimization and standardization of the flow of messages between banks;
  • orders the elimination of double;
  • time savings in preparation, sending and receiving;
  • improving traceability and thereby facilitate consumer safety;
  • increase reliability and optimization of inventories;
  • service quality improvement;
  • enabling automatic data recording, which guarantees high quality information.

Cash will remain the primary means of payment in the near future. To maintain this status requires transparent and secure solutions. local, global integrated, and effective. GS1 standards enable simple and trace elements detected in cash circulation. Ensure the efficiency and safety of each participant. The implementation of these standards creates a basis for a new vision of a sustainable monetary logistics.

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