EFQM Award for Excellence (EFQM Excellence Award)

EFQM Award for Excellence (EFQM Excellence Award)

EFQM Excellence Award – the most prestigious European award for business excellence organizations. It is the highest achievement of the organization, that, usually, It has been recognized at the national or regional level (in Russia - Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of quality).

The award was established in the EFQM 1991 year as the European Quality Award (European Quality Award – EQA). AT 1996 year in terms of competition has been allocated a separate category for organizations, so-called "public sector". FROM 1997 year has provided a category of individual business units (production units, research centers, marketing and sales departments, etc.), as well as small and medium enterprises (SME), which got the organization with number of employees not more than 250 human. Over the past 14 years participated in the contest more 500 a wide variety of organizations from all European countries.

Beginning with 2001 , the possibility of obtaining recognition for the participants of the competition have been expanded by the introduction of two new recognition levels. In addition to the winner (Award Winner), Now the jury determines the annual Winners (Prize Winner) and Finalists (Finalist). List of organizations, became winners and awardees since 1992 of the year, presented at the EFQM website.

FROM 2006 Year Award began to carry the name of EFQM Excellence Award (EEA). The new name reflects the idea of ​​using the EFQM Excellence Model for organizations to achieve sustainable success in all aspects of its activities.

Levels of acceptance of competitors at the EEA.


EFQM Excellence Award is awarded annually to the European organization, recognized as the best in its category in the, what results it achieves, and what approaches are used at the same time.

Due to the exclusivity of these organizations, the jury does not always determine a winner for each category, further increasing the prestige of the, who have achieved this level.

Each winner is given the right to remain a memorial sign premiums for one year, and then get him a smaller copy.


Prizes are awarded annually to organizations, We have achieved outstanding success in the implementation of certain Fundamental Concepts of Excellence. For each category of organizations can be awarded prizes in the following areas:

  • Leadership and constancy of purpose;
  • User Orientation;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Results orientation;
  • process management;
  • constant study, innovation and improvement;
  • partnership development.


Each category of organizations, sent applications to the competition, Every year several finalists determined. Usually, those companies, which show a high degree of perfection of its management. According to the results of the competition 2006 It has already announced 27 finalists, that represent 16 European countries.

Award winners and prize-winners are announced at the annual forum of the EFQM, in which hundreds of managers from different countries are participating.

Beginning with 2007 , the competition for the European Award for Excellence will be held in two categories: business organizations and non-profit organizations. In each of these categories is planned to award two awards - for small and medium-sized organizations or departments and large / global organizations. Introduced changes in the procedure for evaluating applicants to the EEA, changed requirements for the design and content of the documents, submitted by the applicants for participation in the contest.

Now to participate in the competition for the EFQM Excellence Award must be a certain deadline to apply to the Brussels office EFQM and information about the organization on 15 page. In this document, the basic directions of activity of the organization should be described, its management system structure, represented by its main stakeholders and interaction with them and the results achieved (in all components of the criteria "Results" Models of Excellence). On the basis of this document, the applicant may be permitted to continue in the competition. The second step is to present the organization of the so-called "opportunities Cards" – a document of no more than 25 pages, containing a description of approaches used to control, relating to the corresponding 24 parts of the EFQM Excellence Model, and reflects the relationship between approaches presented results. After consideration of the documents submitted by the expert group (assessors) held a meeting with a representative of the organization and visit her. Final grade is given by experts at the end of the visit.

Following the visit, the assessors are in the jury report.

The jury reviews reports, submitted by each applicant, and maps the organization one of the levels of recognition: finalist (European Excellence Award Finalist), prizewinner (European Excellence Award Prize Winner) and Winner (European Excellence Award Winner). Finalists, prize-winners and winners are chosen for each category of applicants.

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