AFNOR – French Association for the rules, a leading European group standardization, certification, learning. accreditation: COFRAC (France), UKAS (United Kingdom), Unab (USA), member IQNet.

LLC "AFNOR Rus" – subsidiary, providing certification services and training in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, , Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Activities AFNOR Group

at 2015 year in figures

Assessment and Certification

Publication and dissemination of standards


Seminars and workshops

 Published 690 new standards

 Reviewed 1263 standard

 sold over 140 000 standards

 Participation in 997 standardization committees

 More 118 000 users of digital libraries

 Published 62 new books / standards collection

 processed over 37 000 applications

 Customer satisfaction - 87%

 are covered 166 countries of the world

 More 60 000 certified customers

 Checked more 60 000 offices 100 countries

 Issued 20 000 certificates under the AFAQ mark

 Proposed over 150 course topics

 Conducted more than 350 workshops

 trained over 10 000 specialists

Accreditation AFNOR Group

French Committee on Accreditation

accreditation service

Great Britain

Taiwan's Committee on Accreditation

Tunisian Accreditation Council

Germany's national body for accreditation

AFNOR Certification is a partner of the International Quality Network IQNet, share issued by a certificate of 40% global management system certification market. Network IQNet unites the leading certification bodies in more than 35 Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. IQNet certificate may be issued together with the certificate AFNOR in order to increase the recognition of your certification in the world market

4 our mission whale:

Collective – Teamwork

Qualitе – Quality

Trust – trust

Responsabilitе – A responsibility


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