R RK 50.1.1-2001 The procedure for the implementation of standards and regulations. fundamentals.
R RK 50.1.4-2005 gP RK. The procedure for transferring documents. General requirements.
R RK 50.1.5-2005 Quality Management System. Requirements for Application PT ISO RK 9001 in the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
R RK 50.3.01-2000 GSS of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Payment for the certification of products and services.
The rules of the accredited inspection body for conformity assessment and accreditation.
Rules to suspend or cancel the certificate of conformity or the registration of declarations of conformity.
Rules of recognition of foreign certificates of conformity, test protocols, marks of conformity and other documents in the field of conformity assessment.
Terms of the decision of the customs authority on the classification of goods and its form.

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