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LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia"

We were the first in Central Asia offered a solution to these problems!

Knowledge and experience. LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia" is the successor to the CD LLP JV "Intercertifica Center of Asia", which operates in Kazakhstan in the field of consulting services for the implementation of management systems in accordance with international ISO standards with 1997 of the year (by 2010. renamed LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia"). The company currently has a staff of highly qualified consultants, providing consulting services to various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan in the field of development, introduction, training and improvement of management systems in accordance with ISO requirements 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011 integrated with the EFQM Excellence Model, as well as the methodology of "Six Sigma". The company has accumulated a large methodical experience in the field of consulting services. Our consultants are certified auditors and quality managers RK State Certification System, AND WHAT (EuropeanOrganizationforQuality), AFAQ AFNOR (France), leading foreign bodies for management systems certification.

LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia" offers:

CONSULTING SERVICES highly qualified consultants in the field of development and implementation in accordance with international standards of the following management systems:

  • quality (ISO 9001);
  • ecology(ISO 14001);
  • health and safety protection (OHSAS 18001);
  • energy management (ISO 50001);
  • information security (ISO 27001);
  • methodology “six Sigma”.

The main stages of development and implementation of the management system:

Stage 1. Analysis of the enterprise management system.
Stage 2. Teaching staff of the enterprise.
Stage 3. Consultancy development plan for building ISO.
Stage 4. Counseling and coaching staff of the Customer.
Stage 5. Counseling for constructing ISO.
Stage 6. Consultancy ISO implementation.
Stage 7. Safety check ISO (Consulting ISO audit).

our company It offers a full range of advisory services to prepare your company for certification in the state certification system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the European certification systems: BSI (United Kingdom), TUV-CERT (Germany).

Training services

The European Organization for Quality (AND WHAT), established in 1956 year and operates in accordance with Belgian law, currently brings together 58 organizations: national representatives (European non-profit organization of quality), associate members and partners from around the world. National representatives EOQ (organizations with the status of full membership) are: AEC(Spain), AQBIH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), APQ (Portugal), ARC (Romania), CSQ (Chech republic), CYAQ(Cyprus), DFK (Denmark), DGQ (Germany), EAQ (Estonia), ECOFIN (Moldova), FQA (Finland), GQF (Georgia),KOQIM (Kazakhstan), HMA (Greece), HDK (Croatia), HNC (Hungary), MCCEI (Malta), AFQP (France), MLQ(Luxembourg), NFKR (Norway), NNK (Netherlands), QA (Austria), PCBC (Poland), RFATRM (Russia), SAQ(Switzerland), SFK (Sweden), Social Security (Slovakia), SCHOOL (Slovenia), TSE (Turkey), UAQ (Ukraine), VCK (Belgium),YUSK (Serbia).


What are the advantages of LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia" over their competitors?

We are - professionals, and we know better than others, as:
-create a productive company management system in compliance with international ISO standards;
-train specialists teamwork methods.

We are equally responsible attitude to fulfill orders both large organizations, and small enterprises.
We will provide the best conditions for cooperation (acceptable cost and high quality services, execution of works within the agreed deadlines, etc.).
We collaborate with our customers to sign a contract for consulting services to obtain the prestigious Kazakh and / or foreign certificate for compliance with ISO standards management system;
our company – only in Kazakhstan provides training in quality management systems (QMS), environmental management (SAM), health and safety protection (SOZiPB), information (SMIB) and food (SMPB) safety qualification and in the International Register.

What are the practical benefits you will receive in the event of cooperation with our company?

In the case of this company storudnichestva, we will promptly provide:

– Highly qualified consulting and training services in quality control problems in your company;

– practical recommendations for achieving high efficiency and effectiveness of business processes of your company;

– effective instruments for reducing risk in your business;

– proven methods and tools for the effective management of your company's staff.

We can help your organization achieve:

– trust partners and customers to your business, products and services;

– your business more attractive to investors;

– sustainable growth and to ensure competitiveness.

We will pass along all the way from the analysis of the existing quality management system in your company, Training your staff to obtain your certificate of organization, QMS certificate of compliance with international standards of your company.

We guarantee your satisfaction with the results of joint activities!
We are planning long-term cooperation with your organization!


Our address:

head office: 050008, g. Almaty, str. Baizakova, 299
Tel. / Fax: 8 /727/ 250-50-60, 274-93-90
E-mail: infO@standard.kfrom
E-mail: consulting@standard.kz

regional offices:

– g. Astana – str. Beybitşilik, 18, office 212, wire. 8 /7172/ 32-29-95, Fax 8 /7172/ 91-00-63

E-mail: astana@qualicompanies-managers.org.

Our partners:

– Certification Center "InterCert" (Kazakhstan)

– NGO "Kazakhstan quality organization and management innovation"



The president
LLP "Intercert Consulting Center Asia"
Aythojina Gulbahram Kuanovna

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